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  • The year 2010 saw the Alpha generation come to life, replacing the generation Z. Growing up in a digital environment, with all knowledge just a click away, will not only affect their experiences, but will define the way they interact with their peers. Here we tell you about their characteristics, the impact of digital on their development and which technologies will define them.

  • Your mobile contains valuable information. If you lose it, it is stolen or infected by a virus, part of your life could be affected.

    Shared offices have become dynamic melting pots of professionals from diverse disciplines coming together to work in a network that is collaborative, creative and innovative.

  • The acronym STEM education encompasses careers related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The new digital era and the acceleration of technological advances have made STEM professionals to be the most sought-after by companies.

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    25% of the people in Europe and in the United States collaborate as volunteers. In Spain, 260,000 people participate in international projects.