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Fighting against cancer, combating gender violence or violence against women, campaigns to fight childhood maladies... We put on the table social action initiatives to support people who are suffering, having into account their integration and their quality of life.

  • According to a recent study conducted by the Baykeeper of the bi-state area, there are usually at least 165 million plastic items floating in the Port of New York and the New Jersey Estuary. The Plastic Free Waters Partnership is a pioneering initiative that is fighting to get rid of plastic in coastal waters. It is made up of organizations from the educational and public sectors, NGOs and private companies that share a common goal: the eradication of plastic waste from their waters.

  • In this very difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, whose effects are being felt across the world, Iberdrola group's employees are working harder than ever to continue supplying energy, showing their solidarity while keeping employees and customers safe. We take a look at some of the professionals that have made it possible.

    Plastic has reached the deepest point on the planet, a place - the Challenger Deep- located 11,000 metres below sea level where very few people have visited. This discovery is the best proof of the magnitude of the problem and that the time has come to become aware of it and do everything possible to reverse the situation.

  • Iberdrola group has launched a global action plan against coronavirus (COVID-19) to guarantee the business continuity and quality of supply for the duration of the crisis, while protecting people's health and safety. This will allow the company, which provides an essential service to the public, to ensure compliance with its commitments to its Stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers and society in general — in the countries in which it operates.

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    Even though significant progress has been made in recent decades in increasing life expectancy and reducing child and maternal mortality, more initiatives and projects are still needed to completely eradicate various health and well-being issues.