social action

Fighting against cancer, combating gender violence or violence against women, campaigns to fight childhood maladies... We put on the table social action initiatives to support people who are suffering, having into account their integration and their quality of life.

  • Iberdrola group is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels represented. To do this, it includes strategic actions aimed at guaranteeing the diversity and inclusion of its workers and suppliers, improving the accessibility of the products and services it offers and moving towards a more diverse and inclusive society in the countries where it operates.

  • Iberdrola identifies diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority for sustainable growth. It therefore has an Equal Opportunities and Work/Life Balance Policy that focuses on ensuring a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture, it works to meet the different needs of its customers and it evaluates the performance of its suppliers in terms of diversity and inclusion. Iberdrola also promotes women's sport as a way to foster effective equality and develops social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups.

    Iberdrola group contributes to society by creating wealth and promoting economic and social development. The company also promotes effective equality between men and women in access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions. It also provides support to workers with different abilities, facilitating labour integration and fostering diversity and social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

  • At a time when its focus has moved from climate action to how to tackle reconstruction post COVID-19, this year's New York Climate Week (September 21 - 27) was concentrating on the lessons we can learn from the current situation to help us move towards a carbon neutral future by way of a fair transition. Iberdrola group, worldwide benchmark in the fight against climate change, approached this summit convinced that the only way forward with respect to recovery is the green way and committed to developing a more robust, sustainable and resilient economy.

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    Iberdrola encourages its employees to donate food and essential goods. Since 2012, this has meant collecting over 20,400 kilograms of food, as well as carrying out volunteering initiatives such as supporting soup kitchens to feed families in need. Under our commitment to mitigate the COVID-19 health crisis, 90,000 meals have been prepared for people in vulnerable situations.