Iberdrola is committed to women, to gender balance and to non-discrimination. We go all in when supporting the empowerment of women in business and society.

  • The measures are aimed at preventing inequalities between working men and women. The European Union estimates that on average women spend 22 unpaid hours every week caring for their children, 12 more than men.

  • The number of women who currently play sport or who closely follow sporting events is steadily increasing. This increase is a result of changes that took place in schools in the 1970s.

    The Iberdrola group is firmly and decisively committed to gender equality. Some great examples of this are the Women with Energy forum run by Iberdrola Mexico to promote the leadership and talent of women in the company, and the story of Selene Jerezano, the first woman to hold the position of turbines supervisor.

  • The UEFA report 'Women's football across the national associations 2016/17' reveals that there are already 1,270,481 women footballers across Europe. Six European countries have over 100,000 registered players, with close to 44,000 in Spain alone.

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    This season, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona won the Iberdrola League and Cup, respectively. Both clubs are continuing to expand onto the European scene.