Iberdrola is committed to women, to gender balance and to non-discrimination. We go all in when supporting the empowerment of women in business and society.

  • For Iberdrola, sport is a key driver of progress towards equality. The company has been promoting women's sport for years as a way of improving the recognition of women in society and promoting their empowerment and independence through values such as teamwork, effort, tenacity and self-improvement. These are values that Iberdrola shares and which have made it a world leader in renewables.

  • Iberdrola carries out numerous initiatives to support the professional development of women and to promote equal opportunities. It has set up programmes such as the School of Electricians for women in Brazil and Impulso STEM in Mexico.

    Effort, dedication, confidence, perseverance. Our sportswomen compete both in and away from sports to gain visibility and equality and are an example to be followed by thousands of young girls. This is why Iberdrola has launched the initiative Future Is in You, in which the ambassadors of the Women's Universe program, which is sponsored by the National Sports Council and promoted by Iberdrola, share a one-day training session with a younger sportswoman from that discipline. Will you join us?

  • Women represented 23 % of Iberdrola's workforce. Although the progress made so far is significant, our goal is to continue moving forward to become an international benchmark in equality, both inside and outside the company.

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    Iberdrola is a benchmark company in the Ibex 35 index in the presence of women in the group's highest management body — with more than a third —, which is proof of our global commitment to gender equality.