Iberdrola is committed to women, to gender balance and to non-discrimination. We go all in when supporting the empowerment of women in business and society.

  • Alejandra Quereda, the current Spanish national head rhythmic gymnastics coach, is an example of the amount of work it takes to juggle elite sport with higher education. The Olympic medallist, two-time world champion, Spanish national gymnastics coach and medical student tells us her story of hard work and sacrifice.

  • The Iberdrola group has renewed in 2019 the agreement it signed in 2016 to become the main driver behind the Universo Mujer program, the most ambitious plan to encourage and develop women's sport in Spain. Through this agreement, the company supports 16 federations.

    Women represented 23% of Iberdrola's workforce. Although the progress made so far is significant, our goal is to continue moving forward to become an international benchmark in equality, both inside and outside the company.

  • The group's highest level of management proposes to its shareholders the incorporation of Professor Sara de la Rica, which would raise the percentage of female board members to 42.8%, almost double the Spanish average.

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    The Iberdrola group is committed to the best international practices in the field of work-life balance, equality and diversity. Aligned with our policies, we continue to carry out different initiatives in all the countries in which we operate to increase the presence of women in the energy sector and in society in general.