Our innovation hubs

We promote training and research

At Iberdrola, we are aware that R&D is synonymous with the future, sustainability, productivity and quality. This is why it is and will continue to be an essential variable in our activity.

We are the private utility that allocates the most funds to R&D in the world, according to the European Commission's rating. We foster innovative and sustainable technologies, promoting the reduction of emissions in energy generation through renewable sources. We also drive the implementation of smart grids and the transition to electrification in sectors such as transport, construction and industry. We are also committed toadopting new production models, such as the use of green hydrogen. 

As a result of this effort, our innovation hubs are born: the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub, the Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, the Iberdrola Training and Innovation Campus, the Larraskitu Mobility Lab and the AI Centre of Excellence. 

Get to know our innovation hubs:

Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

Iberdrola’s Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub is located in Bilbao and aims to become a global benchmark in smart grids and respond to the energy transition challenges. This hub acts as a driving force for innovation, combining the Company's technological capacity with that of over 100 collaborating entities and companies − suppliers, universities, tech hubs and start-ups.

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Iberdrola Innovation Middle East

Our hub in Qatar develops innovative digital solutions for Iberdrola's three key business lines Networks, Renewables and Customers) at the intersection of energy and digital technology. This hub aims at defining 'the digital utility', developing innovative digital solutions for renewables integration, smart grids and energy efficiency and conservation.

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Iberdrola Training and Innovation Campus

This 180,000 m² complex in San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid) − where around 13,000 people receive training annually − embodies our commitment to technology, R&D and collaboration with other technology hubs. The buildings that make up the Campus are interconnected with a roofing structure capable of generating a bio-climate. This makes it possible to reduce cold and hot water production for cooling and heating the buildings, minimising CO₂ emissions significantly.

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Larraskitu Mobility Lab

Bilbao is home to our Mobility Lab − equipped with the latest electric vehicle charging technologies. The laboratory has around 30 charging points (CP) of different powers, serving as a test centre for the CP manufacturers and as support for the after-sales service, as it investigates incidents found in operational equipment. This facility is part of Iberdrola's programme to achieve 110,000 charging points in Spain in the coming years.

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AI Centre of Excellence

At Iberdrola, we want to anticipate the demands that will occur with the change of the current model towards the electrification of the economy − with research into Artificial Intelligence applied to the energy transition. Thus, this centre aims to support the changes that AI will bring with it, both regulatory and legislative, to improve the current electricity system. 

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