PRIME Project

The revolution in electricity grids, the PRIME project

The PRIME project was launched in 2007 to address the legal need for remote management of the grid. Today, it is the basis for the digitalisation of electricity grids around the world.

Prime Project

The origin of PRIME dates back to 2007 with the publication of a ministerial order requiring electricity companies in Spain to replace existing meters with others that were capable of being operated remotely and allowed remote management of the network. At the time, this was a difficult engineering challenge to solve.

The PRIME project is the foundation on which Iberdrola's current grid digitalisation system is based. The company's innovation management and network business launched the project with the aim of being able to operate the grid remotely by 2018. With a multidisciplinary team, Iberdrola was able to implement an innovative solution that went beyond the requirements of the Spanish regulator's mandate in a timely manner.

PRIME is currently one of the most widely used PLC (Power Line Communications) protocols in the world. In the meantime, the project continues its role of discovering new technologies to advance the future of networks. Within the solutions, work is currently continuing on new smart meters and solutions that allow for higher bandwidth and capacity.

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Prime Proyect