Corporate governance

Information on Iberdrola's system of governance, its Board of Directors, its corporate structure, and the values that guide us

Iberdrola at the forefront of best international practices

Iberdrola's Governance and Sustainability System is inspired by and based upon a commitment to ethical principles, transparency and leadership in the application of the best international practices in good governance expressed

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which has the broadest powers and authority to administer and represent the Company, focus its activities on the definition and supervision of the general strategy of the Company

Group structure

The Iberdrola Group has a decentralised structure and management model that approaches the decision-making to the countries in which such decisions must have effect

Annual reports

Pro Bono Iberdrola

Iberdrola launches "Construyendo Juntos" (Building Together), a pro bono legal project for social entities in collaboration with 14 law firms

"Building Together" is a multidisciplinary project whereby the professionals of Iberdrola's Legal and Tax Services, in collaboration with the lawyers of the 14 signatory law firms, will provide training and legal and tax advisory services of the highest quality to non-profit organisations.