A pioneering educational initiative

The publication of these works joins the training and social ends: financial profits made will go to the energy access program by the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation.

Law for engineers: legal journals for engineers.

Since 2008, Iberdrola has participated in a pioneering educational initiative with the coordination, editing and publication of several works related to law in the engineering sector.

These publications, prepared in collaboration with the ICAI Engineers' National Association, are designed to provide basic legal knowledge to engineers in any speciality to help them carry out their professional activity.

The first publication in 2008 was the Legal Manual for Engineers which has become a benchmark thanks to its overview of legal regulations, focusing on those aspects which are more useful to engineers.

In 2009, following the success of the Manual amongst professionals in the sector, the first four Legal Journals for Engineers were written. These were published to provide engineers in any speciality with the information on legal aspects they need to carry out their daily work.

The Legal Journals for Engineers are currently divided into fifty five volumes covering topics that combine law and engineering knowledge. For each of the topics covered, experts of recognised prestige from universities or law firms were consulted.

In 2021, the 12th edition of Legal Journals marked the end of a new phase. Given the need to adapt the Law to the reality we are living in, we have given a new dimension to the project, revising the approach and adopting a more dynamic and digital format. Thus, the Legal Leadership project has arisen, with which we intend to carry out a critical analysis of the legal and regulatory frameworks on certain matters of common interest linked to Iberdrola's industrial and social activity and leadership, in order to anticipate regulatory changes and create quality opinion.


The profits from these works throughout the years are delivered to the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation and reinvested by this foundation in its Energy Access Program, itself comprising various projects.

The publication of these works involves a commitment to make the world of Law more accessible to engineers. To this end, Iberdrola offers the e-mail address to gather the opinions of interested parties about the Legal Manual for Engineers and Legal Journals for Engineers and to improve possible future editions.