Throwing light on cultural heritage

Iberdrola group is undertaking a variety of initiatives on artistic monuments and unique buildings to improve their interior and exterior illumination, contributing to the appreciation of heritage, increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental pollution. Here we share with you our major lighting projects in the countries where we operate.

Proyectos en España.

Projects in Spain

Our Illumination Programme has led to improved lighting for historic buildings such as cathedrals and museums, optimising their energy efficiency.
Proyectos en EE. UU.

Projects in the United States

We are undertaking a number of projects to improve the lighting in museums and special buildings in the United States.
Proyectos en México.

Projects in Mexico

We are equipping the National Art Museum (MUNAL) with a new low-consumption lighting system that allows better appreciation of the artworks, as well as helping to preserve them.
Proyectos en Brasil.

Projects in Brazil

We are illuminating the artistic and cultural heritage of Brazil, with the intention of boosting local development and sustainable tourism.