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IBuy, Iberdrola's new purchasing platform

Find out how to register on the IBuy purchasing platform so you can participate as a supplier when you are invited to tender. As of November 2019, the Iberdrola group is using IBuy, the purchasing platform based on SAP-ARIBA cloud technology.

IBuy is the Iberdrola group's new purchasing platform.
IBuy is the Iberdrola group's new purchasing platform.

SRM has been decommissioned on July 1, 2021.

 Access to IBuy External link, opens in new window.

To submit an offer under a tender you must register on Sap Ariba, and create a profile/user. You will then be able to register on IBuy and manage tenders when you are invited to participate in them.



We will send you an email with a personalised link that will allow you to register on our IBuy platform. To do this, you will first need to create a profile on SAP-ARIBA. In order to do so, it is essential that you first create a profile in SAP-ARIBA. ARIBA is totally free, unless you wish to receive more services from ARIBA. To find out how the registration process works on SAP-ARIBA click here External link, opens in new window.. (If you have a problem with SAP-ARIBA you should go directly to the Help Centre provided on its website).

Creating an ARIBA Network profile requires the provision of basic information on your company. With this profile, you will get a username and password for our IBuy tender platform. NB: if your company is already registered on Ariba Network because it has other customers who use this tool, you still need to register as a user on our IBuy platform.

IBuy is an agile and safe system that avoids having to send documents in the post. In addition, it allows other contacts/users to be created to participate in tenders.


In order for you to familiarise yourself with the application as soon as possible, the following manuals are at your disposal. We recommend that you consult them before using the application.


If you have any questions about the procurement and tendering process in iBuy, please call the Supplier Service Centre
+34 917 84 29 15 

For general information, please contact

Remember that support with issues arising when registering with the Ariba Network is provided by ARIBA. For more information, go to: External link, opens in new window.

For specific problems and help with GO SUPPLY, contact:
SPAIN: +34 91 186 21 95 - PORTUGAL: +351 308 808 140 - BRAZIL: +55 11 32 302 282


Are you still not registered as an Iberdrola supplier? consult our section Do you want to be a supplier? where you will find all the information about registering as a new supplier.


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