Iberdrola aims to reconcile its growth in renewables and grids with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in scopes 1 and 2 by 2030 and net-zero emissions before 2040 for all scopes, including scope 3 (expressed in CO2eq).

Leading the way in advancing the SDGs and climate change


Our 2023-2025 Investment Plan is based on more electricity grids and selective growth in renewables, to promote a safe, clean and competitive system that will accelerate the energy transition.

Committed to the SDGs

Iberdrola group has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN in September 2015 into its business strategy and its Governance and Sustainability System.

Against climate change

We are world leaders in the fight against climate change and we take an active role in the different Climate Summits, fully aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.


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Annual integrated digital report and ESG+F information

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