Remuneration Committee

Ensure transparency and compliance with compensation programmes.

The Remuneration Committee is an internal organ of the Board of Directors, with no executive duties, which was created for informational and consulting purposes and which has duties to inform, advise, and propose within its sphere of activities.

This Committee, which is mandatory for listed companies since the entry into force of the law 31/2014, of December 3, that amended the Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) for the Improvement on Corporate Governance, was created on 27 March 2015, taking over the former Appointments and Remuneration Committee, created on 1997. The Committee is governed by the provisions of Article 40 of the By-Laws, of Article 33 of the Regulations of the Board of Directors [PDF] External link, opens in new window. and by the Regulations of the Remuneration Committee [PDF] External link, opens in new window..

Pictures by Estanis Núñez (row 1), Rafael Sámano (row 2), José Ramón Ladra (rows 3) and Sofía Royo (row 4).


 See the powers of the Remuneration Committee [PDF] External link, opens in new window.

Within the context of Iberdrola's ongoing exercise in transparency and communication with shareholders and the markets, the Company publishes the Activities Report of the Board of Directors and of the Committees thereof [PDF] External link, opens in new window., which integrates information regarding the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Audit and Risk Supervision Committee, the Appointments Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Sustainable Development Committee.