An integrated and permanently up-to-date set of regulations

Corporate Governance System. A company committed to ethical principles, good governance and transparency.Iberdrola maintains a continuously updated Corporate Governance System [PDF], which is the set of documents made up of the By-Laws, the Purpose and Values of the Iberdrola Group and the Code of Ethics, the corporate policies, the governance rules of the corporate decision-making bodies and of other functions and internal committees and the compliance approved by the appropriate bodies of the Company as a strategy of revision and of ongoing improvement. Therefore, the Company encourages the creation of working groups to continue developing specific aspects of its Corporate Governance System, which include the participation of authorised representatives of the stakeholder affected in each case, Company professionals, and the highest-level external experts on the matter.

The Company develops its strategy in accordance with a purpose and certain values to which all of the entities and persons forming part of the Group are committed, the common denominator of which is the sustainable creation of value and the search for a social dividend, and leadership in the performance of all of its activities.

The General Corporate Governance Policy SE - Shareholder Engagement. External link, opens in new window.GD - Gender Diversity. External link, opens in new window.DS - Decentralised Structure. External link, opens in new window.C- Compliance. External link, opens in new window. contains a summary of the basic principles that rule the governance system of the Society and the Group as well as the most relevant elements that form them.

The Corporate Governance System [PDF] is available on PDF version and can be reviewed on an e-book reader or on any mobile device at the following link: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SYSTEM [ePub] - File Size: 8.4 MB.

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