All information about the 2020 General Shareholders' Meeting

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The General Shareholders' Meeting held on first call has approved each and every one of the resolutions included in the Agenda.

Special measures adopted in relation to the 2020 Meeting in attention to coronavirus disease

After weighing its responsibility to protect the general interest, the health of all persons involved in the organisation and the holding of the Meeting and the need for the General Meeting to take place in order to be able to successfully carry on with its business activities and achieve its objectives in the interest of all of its shareholders and its other Stakeholders, Iberdrola has decided:

  • to transfer the venue for the General Meeting to the registered office;
  • if the state of alarm is extended until the day of the Meeting, the meeting will be held without the physical attendance of shareholders, proxy representatives or guests;
  • to allow on-line attendance by the shareholders, upon the terms described in the Implementing Rules for the General Shareholders' Meeting [PDF];
  • to suspend all proceedings called for Shareholder Day, except for the holding of the Meeting;
  • to not open premises for the physical delivery of the attendance, proxy, and absentee voting cards (shareholder information desks); and
  • to eliminate the delivery of the commemorative gift.

Furthermore, in order to expand the remote exercise of rights by all shareholders, Iberdrola has also adopted the following extraordinary measures: to allow absentee voting by the shareholders' proxy representatives, to extend the deadline the right to receive information prior to the Meeting to 11:00 on 2 April 2020 and to allow the delivery of presentations for recording in the minutes until said deadline. SEE COMPLETE INFORMATION [PDF]

 Access the restated text of the Implementing Rules for the General Shareholders' Meeting [PDF]