General Shareholders Meeting, 29 March 2019.

Our commitment to leading the sustainable management of events

We use a reference framework to establish our sustainable development goals, as well as for our commitments associated with sustainability that affect specific areas of the Iberdrola group's activities.

Our commitment to become the leaders in the sustainable management of sustainable events is such that we make sure that all activities, products and services associated with the sustainability events organised the group companies are governed by the basic principles included in our Purpose and Values [PDF] and in our Sustainable Management Policy [PDF].

In addition, our policy establishes that "the sustainable events of the group must comply strictly with all of the requirements that apply in each case, encouraging accessibility, inclusion and non-discrimination when planning and executing it".

For this reason, we certified our General Shareholders' Meeting as a sustainable event in 2016, in compliance with the specifications of the ISO 20121:2012 Standard, becoming the first company listed in the IBEX 35 and the first electric utility out of the top ten electric utilities in the world to achieve this. Este año 2019, la sostenibilidad en la Junta adquiere una mayor notoriedad al renovarse el certificado de evento sostenible por cuarto año consecutivo.

Having our General Shareholders' Meeting certified as a sustainable event means that all processes of the General Meeting —from planning the meeting to holding it— are based on sustainability criteria, with a view to maximising our contribution to the local economy, protecting the environment and increasing our social commitment.

 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: Pioneers in certifying our General Meeting as a sustainable event [PDF]


  • Being aware of and meeting the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Maintaining a relationship of trust and engagement with our suppliers.
  • Maximising the socio-economic impact in Bilbao, where our corporate headquarters are located and where the General Meeting is being held.


Infographic about Iberdrola's goals for 2019.#RRSSIberdrola's goals 2019.

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Our goals for 2019 (85 actions) are:

  • Ensure that there are no physical barriers for staff accessing the event.
  • Minimise the carbon footprint and energy consumption of the event.
  • Improve the employability of people in exclusion risk.
  • Increase and improve how the waste generated during the General Meeting is recycled.
  • Minimise the indirect environmental impacts (Environmental Footprint) derived from the event.
  • Help the local community during the event.
  • Improve the communication and participation processes during the event.
  • Increase awareness-raising activities related to sustainability for all staff participating in the General Meeting.
  • Promote cultural heritage during the event.

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Infographic about Iberdrola's goals for 2018.#RRSSExamples of Iberdrola's goals.

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Some examples of how we achieve this:

  • Accessibility (subtitling, sign language, Braille, multi-lingual monitoring, etc.).
  • Encouraging sustainable transport (free tram and underground tickets).
  • Measures aimed at improving energy efficiency and the use of recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Equal Opportunities (hiring male and female conference assistants and people in vulnerable groups).
  • Green purchases (commemorative gift, staff clothing, etc.).
  • Hiring and collaborating with local NGOs and providers (donating food).
  • Promoting online participation by enabling electronic delegation and voting.
  • Environmental awareness-raising actions in relation to the use of paper and signs/panels, waste classification, etc.

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During the last three years and this one again, with the Sustainable General Meeting renovation, the Basque Government [PDF], through its public company Ihobe, and AENOR [PDF] have certified that the company's General Shareholders' Meeting has complied with all criteria related to the environmental sustainability of events in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and with the UNE-ISO 20121 standard on sustainable event management, respectively. We expect to renew the certification for many more years...

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