Water usage: We optimise water management and ensure it is used in accordance with best practices.

The efficient management of water resources has become vital for the health of our planet. Iberdrola Group makes every effort to use water rationally and sustainably and tackle the risks related with its scarcity.

 Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

Rational water usage.

Keep water use.


Origin of the usage.

The main impacts on the water  identified by the Group are scarcity, climate change and pollution, the aim is minimize and avoid those impacts. In Iberdrola, conventional energy generation and water consum in offices are the activities that could contribute most to these impacts.

Committed to respect natural resources, Iberdrola developes an exhaustively control of the use and consumption of this resource, identifying the principal water usage, comparing it year by year and seeking to optimize production processes, making use of recycled water, reusing water in cooling systems, etc.

Iberdrola looks for the right method to avoid significant impacts and implements various measures aimed at more sustainable water usage. The most representative actions in this field are:

1. Water usage in energy generation:

The principal water usage is carried out during energy generation under conventional techniques.

  • Replacing less efficient technologies with renewable and combined cycle technologies.
  • Control of withdrawal and discharge [PDF]:
    • Limiting the volume of intake and consumption of continental waters across every technology.
    • Continually improving facility processes, to reduce consumption and impact.
    • Avoiding water intake in areas affected by water stress.
    • Reusing and recycling water in facilities.
  • Continually improving facility processes, to reduce consumption and impact.
  • Establishing and controlling surface limit levels and ecological flows in hydroelectric power dams.

2. Water usage in offices:

Running awareness campaigns for more efficient and responsible use of domestic water in offices and control buildings amongst employees. In Iberdrola, water usage in offices has decreased 3.5% compared to 2015.


Like other environmental aspects, efficiency in water usage is on the same page with knowledge. Iberdrola identifies, analyzes and acts, and it is demostrate with the tendency to decrease water usage in energy generation.

Iberdrola's commitment to replacing less efficient technologies with other cleaner and sustainable technologies, such as renewable energy and combined cycles. This has brought down water consumption per GWh.


Respect for this resource also implies the preservation of biodiversity, the control of the withdrawal  for not disturb the water ecosystems is as important as the reduction of the risk of spillage to avoid contamination.

Iberdrola takes measures of safety and containment to mitigate damage.  Every year implements preventive actions to prevent and mitigate the impact of potential spills. These included the construction oil collection reservoirs in case of a major discharge at the substations or transformer stations, as well as waterproofing of containers.

Project Filtraciones

The aim of project Filtraciones is to create a new method to conduct efficient inspections in water canals.


 Sustainability Policy [PDF]      Environmental Indicators      Water usage: sectors and utilities [PDF]