Five-year circular loan agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo for €250 million


Iberdrola signs the first energy sector loan in Europe linked to water consumption

  • It offers an incentive linked to the circular economy: Iberdrola has committed to gradually reducing its water consumption, keeping this below 420 m3/GWh until 2025 · If it fulfils this condition, Intesa Sanpaolo will discount the interest payable on the loan
  • The operation with Iberdrola is the largest carried out in Spain under the €6 billion Circular Economy programme launched by Intesa Sanpaolo in its 2018-2021 Business Plan

Iberdrola has taken out the first energy sector loan in Europe linked to water consumption. The five-year loan has been granted by Intesa Sanpaolo in the sum of 250 million euros.

The operation includes an incentive linked to achieving circular economy objectives: Iberdrola has undertaken to gradually reduce its water consumption, which must remain below a threshold of 420 m3/GWh by 2025. If it does this, Intesa Sanpaolo will apply a discount to the loan. If not, the cost of the loan will increase.

The circular loan granted to Iberdrola is the largest operation carried out in Spain in the framework of the Circular Economy programme, which is worth €6 billion, launched by Intesa Sanpaolo in its Business Plan 2018-2021.

Iberdrola reaffirms its global leadership in green finance

Iberdrola is an established global leader in sustainable financing, it was the first Spanish company in the world to issue green bonds and is the leading company in the world in this area.

The group currently has green or sustainability-linked financing for an amount in excess of €32.4 billion, of which more than €15.6 billion correspond to green bonds. It is still the world's number one issuer of green bonds.

The projects to which the resources obtained from these placements are allocated are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), towards which Iberdrola is working: Number 7, affordable, clean energy, and number 13, climate action.

Iberdrola's strategy is to increase the percentage of green and sustainable products in its financing structure, to reach 63 % of the total by 2025. In 2021, 100 % of its credit lines and 70 % of its hybrid bonds will comply with these criteria.

This approach to financing is in line with Iberdrola's growth plan, which envisages investments of €75 billion by 2025, aimed at doubling its renewable capacity to 60,000 MW and raising the value of its network assets to €47 billion. A plan that aims to promote the decarbonisation of the economy and, with it, economic recovery and employment, and which foresees investments of €150 billion by 2030, with which the group will reach an installed capacity of close to 100,000 MW.

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the world's most sustainable banks and is included in the main sustainability indexes. Intesa Sanpaolo’s strategic support of the circular economy is consistent with its objective of promoting sustainable economic development in the long run. Intesa Sanpaolo is a strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the main organisation in the world that promotes the circular economy, with which it has been collaborating since 2016.

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