Iberdrola in Spain

Pioneers in renewable energies

Iberdrola España, with more than 120 years of experience, is a leader in renewable energies in the Spanish energy sector thanks to its wide variety of business lines and its strategic vision of the future.

Our Spanish subsidiary, Iberdrola España, is committed to the energy transition with a sustainable business model based on renewable energies, smart grids and large-scale energy storage to offer the most advanced products and services to its almost 12 million customers.

Iberdrola, a pillar of the energy transition in Spain

From the generation to the commercialisation of energy, Iberdrola España  offers a diversity of products, services and solutions designed to meet the needs of each customer and/or company, thus acting in different lines of business to help create a greener future for millions of Spaniards. 

The company divides its activity into three main business lines:

Renewable generation. Iberdrola Energía Sostenible España External link, opens in new window. is responsible for those activities, works and services related to the production and sale of electricity through facilities that use sustainable energy sources.

Smart grids. Through the distribution company i-DE External link, opens in new window., the company transports electricity from the generating plants to the end consumer's installation, as well as maintaining the networks.

Commercialisation.  Iberdrola Energía España  is responsible for the wholesale and retail marketing of electricity and natural gas, as well as the provision of energy services and products.

Some key figures

Data updated at the end of 2023.

Ignacio Galán

"We must mobilise the whole of society against climate change. We don't have another planet, we have to take care of this one. The problem can be solved by all of us."

Ignacio S. Galán

Executive Chairman of Iberdrola

Promoting ESG criteria in Spain

At Iberdrola, we remain committed to creating sustainable value for all of our stakeholders. To contribute to achieving sustainable development, we carry out our activities in line with the three pillars used internationally to measure the impact and sustainability of corporate work: environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. These are some of Iberdrola España's achievements and initiatives in ESG matters:

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Iberdrola España is highlighted by Merco as one of the 15 most ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) responsible companies in Spain in 2022.

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Through the CONVIVE Awards, Iberdrola España recognises the best national initiatives for the integration of renewable energies with socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation.

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A diverse and committed team: Iberdrola España has a workforce of 9,702 employees at year-end 2022.

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In 2007 it was a pioneer in implementing the flexible continuous working day in IBEX 35 companies, a measure that marked a turning point in the work-life balance of the workforce in Spain.

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The subsidiary reached 2.44 million euros in hiring in 2022 to Special Employment Centres that employ people with disabilities. 

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Through Fundación Iberdrola España, it invests its resources in organisations and programmes that have a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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It pays special attention to the beneficiaries of public aid for electricity, such as the Bono Social, in order to make the application and processing process as simple and agile as possible.