El Puntal II onshore wind farm

El Puntal II: we install the most powerful and largest wind turbines in Spain in Málaga

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Iberdrola has commissioned the El Puntal II wind farm, located in the municipality of Sierra de las Yeguas, in Málaga. This facility has the most powerful and largest wind turbines in Spain and, with its 15 MW, will prevent the emission of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and will supply clean energy to around 12,500 homes.

El Puntal
Operating plant El Puntal II Onshore Wind Farm
Location Sierra de las Yeguas (Spain)
Total installed capacity 15 MW
No. of wind turbines 3
Commissioning 2022

It has a capacity of 15 MW of clean energy with only three wind turbines, whose rotor blades measure 145 metres and have a total height to the ground of 163.5 metres, 1.5 times the length of Malaga Cathedral.
El Puntal II will prevent the emission of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and will be able to supply renewable energy to around 12,500 households.
This new facility is part of a wind farm complex that includes three wind farms located between the provinces of Malaga and Seville, which will have a total capacity of 79 MW
On the one hand, the Martín de la Jara wind farm, with wind turbines of the V150 model, has the largest blades in Spain with 150 metres of rotor. This project will have an installed capacity of 36 MW

The plant, located between the municipalities of Martín de la Jara and Campillos (Seville) and Sierra de las Yeguas (Malaga), will supply energy to 34,000 homes and prevent the emission of 22,000 tonnes of CO2, when it comes into operation. 
This wind farm incorporates a novel pilot initiative to improve the visibility of the wind turbines and deter birds in the area of influence of the installation. One of the blades of each of its nine wind turbines will be painted with red stripes, which provides greater contrast between them and makes them more visible to birds.
The third wind farm that will make up this renewable complex in Andalusia will be the 28 MW San Cristóbal wind farm, to be built in the municipality of Estepa (Seville), which is currently in the processing phase.

Iberdrola, world leader in renewable energies

At Iberdrola, we decided to commit to renewable energies more than two decades ago as a fundamental pillar on which to build our safe, clean and competitive business model. Thanks to this vision, we are today world leaders in renewable energies, reaching 41,246 MW of renewables in operation by the end of the first half of 2023.

This commitment is reflected in our record investment plan of €47 billion in the period 2023-2025, of which we will allocate 17,000 million euros to the renewables business. With these investments, we will increase our installed renewable capacity by 12,100 MW to 52,000 MW by 2025 —6,300 MW of photovoltaic, 3,100 MW of onshore wind, 1,800 MW of offshore, 700 MW of batteries and 200 MW of hydro.