Technological innovation

Focused on improving our service and product efficiency and productivity


At Iberdrola, we promote innovation through knowledge of technologies, providing great added value for the businesses. The Technological Innovation function focuses on the search for strategic opportunities for the Iberdrola Group's various businesses in all the geographies in which we operate.

Drone in wind farm.
We promote new technological applications to improve the efficiency and productivity of our services and products.

As a result of technology surveillance actions (analysis of market and sector trends, workshops with specialised suppliers and partners, benchmarking of the competition, etc.), we identify opportunities that may be applicable to Iberdrola's businesses and transform them into low-cost, short-duration proofs of concept that provide results quickly with a view to their possible implementation (quick-win).

Incorporating disruptive technologies and emerging trends

Proof of Concept (PoC) is a fundamental part of our innovation process and is conducted globally in all countries and across all businesses and corporate areas. In them, we test disruptive technologies in order to show their potential and viability in the real world.

To do this, we actively involve the businesses from the outset, aligning the scope of the PoC with their objectives. Once completed, we extrapolate the results of the PoCs, promoting synergies between businesses and corporate units, sharing and disseminating the proofs of concept to other business areas and countries.

In the last year, after analysing 49 ideas, we completed 23 PoCs globally. For example, we have designed several digital twins for predictive maintenance of wind turbines and substations. We have also tested the benefits of quantum computing for the optimisation of inspection routes performed by technical maintenance personnel. 

In short, we explore emerging trends and new technological solutions with the sole purpose of supporting business and corporate areas.

Workers at a wind farm

Summary of our technological innovation.

The Technological Innovation process, embedded in the Iberdrola Group's Innovation Policy, also attaches great importance to technological dissemination, allowing for the adoption of digital technologies and technological innovation practices at Iberdrola on a large scale. Of all the actions that we manage, we would highlight the holding of the Digital Summit, the Iberdrola Group's largest digital event, with a great impact and relevance for the Organisation. This event is characterised as an annual meeting point where leading companies in their sectors worldwide and our company's professionals analyse the key trends and technologies that drive the digital economy and share the digital transformation process. The 10th edition was held in 2024.

Digital Summit

Opening video of the Digital Summit event (English version).