Innovation is one of the main tools for a company to guarantee its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. In our case, our continued commitment to innovation has made us the most innovative Spanish utility, and the third most innovative in Europe, according to the European Commission's classification.

  • Mobility is changing thanks to new technologies, and part of the population is opting for pay-per-use shared vehicles, eliminating fixed maintenance costs. These services can be accessed on the internet quickly, conveniently and safely. In addition, this new trend also helps to reduce pollution and protect the environment.

  • The electrolyser is an apparatus that produces hydrogen through a chemical process (electrolysis) capable of separating the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of which water is composed using electricity. Hydrogen produced in this sustainable way, i.e. without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, can be the basis for a decarbonised economy.

    The energy sector is currently undergoing a transition towards a smarter, more sustainable model. This process involves innovation and digitalisation, and its main purpose is to care for the planet and the human race. The implementation of the DSO (Distribution System Operator) model will make it possible to maximise the integration of renewable energy sources and accelerate the decarbonisation of the economy, providing improved benefits to customers.

  • Iberdrola is strongly committed to industry, innovation and infrastructure and contributes directly to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9. The group is committed to accelerating its investments in renewable energy, digitisation and electric mobility to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation. Therefore, it has launched an unprecedented investment plan worth 75 billion euros with a 2025 horizon, that will increase to €150 billion in 2030, designed to stimulate the industrial sector and employment in the countries within its areas of influence.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed the potential of Cloud Computing. The accessibility that it provides to any professional to access software from anywhere has been key to the implementation of remote working for companies. In addition, the Cloud improves productivity by making processes more agile or reducing IT and maintenance costs and even minimizes the environmental impact.