Big data, Bitcoins, Block-chain, cibersecurity... informatics and computers are an essential part in managing businesses, in storing information and in controlling processes and communications. Informatics and TICs are present in every sector, including the energy field.

  • The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) of Iberdrola group's Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia controls and operates 17 wind farms and six renewable generation substations in real time. Roger Mendonça, from the Neoenergia Operational Relations department, presents the company's most advanced CORE in the world to date.

  • The Remote Control Centre (RCC) is Iberdrola group's renewable energy operation centre (CORE) in the United Kingdom. From there its subsidiary, ScottishPower Renewables, controls and operates 37 onshore and 2 offshore wind farms in real time, with the aim of ensuring that they are operational over 97% of the time. Its manager, Mark Gailey, shows us around the centre.

    In addition to the endless number of advantages it offers, the Internet also requires a series of precautions to be taken to prevent the threats hidden behind the screen.

  • 90% of the world's data is from after 2014, and the volume doubles every 1.2 years. In such a context, data mining, a strategic practice used by 80% of organisations, links millions of isolated data points and transforms them into knowledge at the service of companies, for example, to detect patterns in their customers' conduct and predict their behaviour.

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