Big data, Bitcoins, Block-chain, cibersecurity... informatics and computers are an essential part in managing businesses, in storing information and in controlling processes and communications. Informatics and TICs are present in every sector, including the energy field.

  • Rosa Kariger is Iberdrola group's global cyber security director and is responsible for global governance, intelligence and supervision of IT and OT cyber security in all the countries where the company operates: continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Brazil. She graduated as an industrial engineer from the UPM, has taken part in management development programmes at IESE and global leadership of IMD, and had a leading role in the latest edition of the World Economic Forum.

  • LiFi technology will allow us to connect to the internet using light from lamps, streetlights or LED televisions. In addition to being cheaper, safer and faster than wifi, it does not need a router. All you need to do is point your mobile or tablet towards a light bulb to surf the web.

    Awards that do not exist, unbeatable job offers, products at prices too low... These are just a few examples of scams that circulate nowadays on the Internet. Would you know how to detect them?

  • Do you know which digital skills are most in demand in companies today?

    The labour market demands digital skills, workers who are not only fluent in other languages or their academic speciality but in the essential tools to deal with fluency in the technological age. We mean knowledge about electronic devices, networks, cybersecurity, communications systems and data analysis, among other things.

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    90% of the world's data is from after 2014, and the volume doubles every 1.2 years. In such a context, data mining, a strategic practice used by 80% of organisations, links millions of isolated data points and transforms them into knowledge at the service of companies, for example, to detect patterns in their customers' conduct and predict their behaviour.