Big data, Bitcoins, Block-chain, cibersecurity... informatics and computers are an essential part in managing businesses, in storing information and in controlling processes and communications. Informatics and TICs are present in every sector, including the energy field.

  • The labour market demands digital skills, workers who are not only fluent in other languages or their academic speciality but in the essential tools to deal with fluency in the technological age. We mean knowledge about electronic devices, networks, cybersecurity, communications systems and data analysis, among other things.

  • On the occasion of the last General Shareholders' Meeting, held on April 2, 2020, Iberdrola launched the Virtual Shareholder's Assistant, a chatbot to rapidly and efficiently answer, on-line and in real time, any questions you may have regarding any issue relating to it.

    Data mining has opened a world of possibilities for business. This field of computational statistics compares millions of isolated pieces of data and is used by companies to detect and predict consumer behaviour. Its objective is to generate new market opportunities.

  • The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) of Iberdrola group's Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia controls and operates 17 wind farms and six renewable generation substations in real time. Roger Mendonça, from the Neoenergia Operational Relations department, presents the company's most advanced CORE in the world to date.

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    The Remote Control Centre (RCC) is Iberdrola group's renewable energy operation centre (CORE) in the United Kingdom. From there its subsidiary, ScottishPower Renewables, controls and operates 37 onshore and 2 offshore wind farms in real time, with the aim of ensuring that they are operational over 97% of the time. Its manager, Mark Gailey, shows us around the centre.