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Raising social awareness on climate change

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Global warming is a challenge that urgently requires the active participation of all civil society actors. As an international leader in the fight against climate change, the Iberdrola group carries out different awareness-raising initiatives within the framework of its Plan for Raising Social Awareness on Climate Change.

The fight against climate change and everything it implies — the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the energy transition towards a decarbonised economy, energy efficiency, the change in consumer habits, etc. — requires a greater awareness and improved willingness to act by all civil society actors.

As part of our commitment to the environment, in 2016 the Iberdrola group incorporated a Plan for Raising Social Awareness on Climate Change as an additional focal point for its climate change actions, which it has been developing since then through different initiatives aimed at different audiences.

To carry out this work we have set up CLIMATEAM, a multidisciplinary working group, created to promote and coordinate actions in this area.

Main points of action

Internal actions

This point seeks to increase awareness among Iberdrola group employees through online and face-to-face training courses, while also fostering corporate volunteering by encouraging them to give talks on climate change. The company also provides its employees with different tools so they can combine respect for the environment with their everyday activities.

Flagship initiatives: Global online courses on climate change | Volunteer workshops on climate change for schools | Staff electric vehicle program and encourage the use of bicycles and shared vehicles


External actions

The focal point is responsible for making sure that the environmental message reaches public opinion through the drafting and broadcasting of content (documentaries, podcasts, etc.) and by sponsoring events on climate awareness raising. At the same time, the company provides tools for use by citizens so that they can harmonise their daily lives with the fight against climate change.

Flagship actions: Guardians of the Planet | Towards a green planet | Climate change and its repercussion on defence | Podcast on climate change | Smart Mobility Plan | Moving for Climate NOW


Schools, young people and universities

Due to the relevant role of young people, the aim of this action point is to raise awareness through the inclusion of content on climate change in schools (curricular resource banks, plays, etc.), encourage climate change actions among them and provide support to social entrepreneurs.

Flagship initiatives: EducaClima | Children's theatre Mi Mundo Limpio (My Clean World) | Educational centres on renewable energies | 2050 Climate Group | Iberdrola Climate Volunteers | Educational project with developing schools in Mexico | Energy efficiency projects in Brazil | Classroom climate change workshops in schools

Alliances and institutions

Iberdrola group is aware of the importance of creating alliances with the private sector, the public, the academic world and with citizens to mobilise the highest possible number of people, to encourage cliamte action and to enrich the collaborative process.

Flagship alliances: #PorElClima (for the climate) community | Moving for Climate NOW | G2020 platform | CESEDEN | MIGRA Program