Commitment to an ambitious and urgent climate action

Iberdrola has made a public commitment to remaining among the largest European companies with the lowest CO2 emissions per kWh produced. The company focuses its efforts on gradually reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable sources and using the most efficient technology available.

Iberdrola groups goals of emission reduction.#RRSSIberdrola groups goals of emission reduction.

Thus, Iberdrola has set itself the environmental objective of having virtually zero emissions in Europe by 2030 as well as being carbon neutral on a global level by 2050. These objectives have been recognized as science-based in accordance with the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative.

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The strategy to achieve this objective is based on the gradual reduction of the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions, through the commitment to close its last two coal-fired plants, and continuing with the development of electricity from renewable sources, progressively introducing the most efficient and least carbon-intensive technologies in existing installations and improving the energy efficiency of its activities.

Iberdrola group, against climate change.#RRSSIberdrola group, against climate change.

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  • 65.8 million tonnes of CO2 avoided(1)
  • 77% of the owned installed capacity is emission-free
  • 70% of the owned installed capacity is from renewable energies
  • 100 billion euros invested in renewables since 2001 
  • 31,939 MW owned capacity in renewables
  • 34 billion euros between 2018 and 2022 (47% for smart grids and 39% for renewable energy)
  • 15 coal- and oil-fired power stations closed
  • 9.992 billion euros in green bonds between 2014 and 2019
  • 3 billion euros invested in East Anglia ONE to improve the penetration of renewables

(1) During the last three years

Data at the close of the Fiscal year 2019.



Iberdrola group, aware of the fundamental role played by the energy sector in this field, has a Policy against climate change in which it commits itself to "supporting international climate change negotiation processes, the participation of the private sector in the global agenda, the creation of alliances and climate awareness".

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The company exercises its role as a transforming agent through its involvement in multiple platforms, coalitions, and global organizations, such as the European Commission, UN Global Compact, We Mean Business, World Business Council for Sustainable Development or Corporate Leaders Group (CLG). It has also formally supported various initiatives, such as the CLG's declaration of zero net emissions by 2050. For all these reasons, Iberdrola has been recognised as a UN Global Compact Lead "for its contribution to global sustainability".

The company supports high-level political negotiations to achieve medium- and long-term climate goals and supports various initiatives:


Aligned to the COP25 goals.

Climate Action Summit 2019. Access.