Backing international agreements to fight global warming

The Iberdrola group has made a pledge to remain amongst the main european companies with the fewest CO2 emissions per kWh. The Company focuses its efforts on gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable sources and using the most efficient technology available.

Paris Agreement.


Iberdrola group publishes this report [PDF] for the purpose of verifying the inventory of Greenhouse Gases, transparently informing its Stakeholders of the company's emissions in accordance with the commitments assumed in the Environmental Policy [PDF] and the Policy Against Climate Change [PDF] approved in December 2009, most recently amended in October 2018.


The main options available to face climate change from the energy sector are the promotion of renewable energies and the use of fossil fuels with lower carbon content in thermal production, in addition to improvement in generation, transmission and final use of energy.

Conscious of the fundamental role that the energy sector plays in this field, the group has a Policy Against Climate Change to promote support of the international agreements needed to solve this environmental issue, encouraging the development of efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fostering the efficient use of energy and conducting awareness campaigns amongst its customers to encourage responsible energy consumption.

Iberdrola backs top-level political negotiations aimed at achieving the climate objectives in the medium and long-term:

  • Iberdrola joined the CEO Climate Leadership Group, set up as part of the Davos World Economic Forum to present real and tangible solutions to keep fighting against climate change.
  • The group adhered to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) targets proposed through the Road to Paris 2015 project during the Paris Agreement ratification process in New York in April 2016.
  • Iberdrola group remarks as the sole representative from the energy sector in the Talanoa Dialogue, a global process of constructive debate and proposals for solutions involving governments and civil society.
  • The company participates actively in the different Climate Summits through a bike route and its Climate Change Manifest, where Iberdrola establishes its commitments and main points of action in the fight against climate change.

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