Active presence at climate summits

Iberdrola works intensively within the framework of the global and regional debate on climate policies, participating actively in the main milestones of the global climate agenda.

As important recent events higlight: the Madrid Climate Summit (COP25), the Climate Summit of the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York and the activities of the Marrakesh Alliance for Global Climate Action.

In the context of COP25, the company is fully committed to a climate scenario aligned with a maximum increase in the global temperature of 1.5ºC and to an appropriate framework for labour terms and a just transition in the decarbonisation process. Both commitments have been formalised with the group's adherence to two commitments promoted by organisations and governments directly involved in the UN Climate Action Summit, held in New York in September.

Learn more about our participation in the main milestones of the global agenda:

Access to the html of the COP25. Internal link opens in its own window.

Access to the html of the 2019 Climate Action Summit. Internal link opens in its own window.

Furthermore, the company actively participates in the different Climate Summits through the Moving for Climate NOW cycle route External link, opens in a new window, and the delivery of its Manifesto against climate change with the main lines of action in the fight against global warming.

Support for the zero net emissions target by 2050

For years Iberdrola has demonstrated explicit support at the highest level for the goal of carbon neutrality for 2050, convinced of the opportunities for the creation of value and prosperity derived from its achievement. The company's support in this area is especially important in the context of the European Union, where an intense political debate has taken place that has culminated in the formal approval of the 2050 climate-neutral objective [PDF] and the launch of the European Green Pact in December 2019, which places the European Union as the largest economic area committed to a neutral climate and a sustainable growth model.

A climate neutral Europe it's possible and will deliver huge opportunities.

Iberdrola's vision on achieving the goal of zero net emissions by 2050 [PDF].