Welcome to the Suppliers section. Here you can register as a supplier and participate in our tenders, as well as consult and manage your operations.

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    IBuy: procurement platform based on SAP-ARIBA technology in the cloud.

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    GoSupply: Supplier Registration and Management System.

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    MInfo: Application where you can consult any data associated with your orders, invoices and payments.

 Our step-by-step purchasing process


Supplier registration and management system (Elementary level)

To become a supplier of the Iberdrola group you have to register with GoSupply .

There are three levels of registration.

As a NEW SUPPLIER you must access the ELEMENTARY LEVEL. Depending on the criticality/strategic level you will be asked to move to another level.


Supplier risk assessment during the procurement process.

We will check that your company details and policy meet our standards. We will make sure that there is no risk during the purchase process.

Registration in Ibuy

Creating a profile on the SAP platform

Before registering you will need to create a profile in SAP - ARIBA 

The new platform to access our tenders is IBUY 

Access the manuals and find out about the whole process.

Tender process

Evaluation and selection of bids applied

After a prior request and purchase planning, the Iberdrola group will contact you to start the bidding process.


Formalisation of the contract

The awarded supplier will sign the contract with Iberdrola in which the conditions and deadlines will be established.

Jobs and invoicing

Final purchase process

Once the contract has been signed, the final process will begin, which includes the order, reception and invoicing of the services.

Factors assessed for supplier classification

At Iberdrola we seek sustainable, transparent, fair and ethical supplies and suppliers. That is why we assess your company to know the potential risk during the purchasing process. We verify that your modus operandi is aligned with the policies, principles and responsibilities of our group. Find out about the factors assessed for supplier classification.


Below is a list of requirements that must be met in order to qualify as a supplier.

"ComprasNeo" in Brazil

In Brazil, the ComprasNeo portal is the system where suppliers register to participate in the centralised purchasing process in the Neoenergia group companies. Through it, suppliers complete the registration information, become aware of the process, accept all the integrity documents. Through it, suppliers complete registration information, become aware of the process, accept all integrity documents and include the required documents. If approved, suppliers can provide services and/or supply materials to companies that are part of the group.

Ramón Zumárraga

Interview with Ramón Zumárraga

The Director of Purchasing Services explains the keys that have led them to become the first organisation to achieve the AENOR Sustainable Purchasing certificate.