Social acceptability of renewable energies: Convive Programme

What is the Iberdrola CONVIVE Programme?

The Convive Programme was created with the aim of being a continuous improvement programme that integrates all the initiatives and alliances for the coexistence between renewable energies and their contribution to socio-economic development and the conservation of biodiversity.

Presentation of the Convive Awards (video in Spanish)

Socioeconomic development and biodiversity conservation are two key elements of our decarbonisation strategy, demonstrating that the supply of clean and sustainable energy can and must coexist with society and nature. Maintaining environmental balance and contributing to social and economic development are a fundamental part of our company.

To this end, we created Convive Programme, a programme that integrates all the initiatives and alliances Iberdrola has in this area. 

Proyecto CONVIVE

This program integrates specific actions for each project and its location, as well as global actions. There are 3 main areas of action:

  • Contributing to socio-economic development: Initiatives that enable the projects' contribution to economic and social development at the local as well as national level.
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity: Actions that contribute to the integration of facilities into the territory and landscape by improving their contribution to biodiversity.
  • Learning from the experts: Improving the impact of renewables and the social acceptance of the energy transition through third party partnerships.

Acknowledgements for the Convive Programme

The  foundation for sustainable development Ecodes has included Iberdrola’s Convive Programme among the best business practices in climate action in Spain, through its 10+10 Business Exampes #PorElClima 2023. This diploma recognises us as one of the 10 large Spanish companies that promote  a real roadmap for the descarbonization of their activity.

The Ecodes Empresas #PorElClima initiative recognises the private sector’s ability to implement specific initiatives to address the climate emergency and promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 2030 Agenda: Challenges to which we at  Iberdrola are firmly committed.