We encourage the responsible use of energy

The Iberdrola group seeks to optimise energy consumption throughout the whole energy chain, including production, transport, distribution, and final use. Iberdrola also promotes more efficient energy consumption amongst consumers, through information, training and providing solutions and technology.

Energy efficiency allows smart and innovative energy production and consumption and is one of the key factors in the fight against climate change and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).#RRSSEnergy efficiency allows smart and innovative energy production and consumption and is one of the key factors in the fight against climate change and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).

 Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

 Energy saving and efficiency tips

Objective. We promote ecoefficiency by gradually reducing the environmental impact of our operations, facilities, products and services.

Progress at the close of 2020.

The Iberdrola group considers energy efficiency from a threefold perspective:

  • As an electric utility, it looks to increase energy efficiency by introducing the latest power generation, transport and distribution technology and equipment, and to reduce auxiliary consumption and the consumption of cooling water. To produce energy two main materials are required: fuel and water for cooling. The 97.2 % of Iberdrola production is using local sources of energy, available in the country where the electricity is generated. Our goal is to maintain this indicator above 85 % during the next five years.
  • As an electricity supplier, it aims to contribute to a more efficient use of energy amongst consumers, informing and training users and providing solutions to help them become more energy efficient and reduce the environmental impact of their energy habits and consumption. It also promotes and develops energy efficient buildings.
  • As an energy-consuming company, focuses on the ongoing improvement of energy efficiency across its operations (offices and buildings, vehicles, water, mobility, employee awareness, etc.).


  • R&D and renewable energy

    Iberdrola works on projects that focus especially on developing cost-cutting and energy efficient solutions: examples include Marinel to build offshore wind substations, Leanwind to reduce offshore wind technology costs, and SmartWind, to create models and simulations about using wind farm energy storage sites.


  • Efficiency in buildings

    Iberdrola continues to implement energy efficiency measures in its buildings and offices around the world. It also works on enhancing the performance of climate control (heating and cooling), thermal insulation and lighting in buildings, and the automation of related facilities.

    The Iberdrola Tower, the Iberdrola Campus and Ochill House, the ScottishPower headquarters, are a symbol of the Iberdrola group's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

    A reduction of 76,000 GJ with the implementation of these measures, in comparison to the previous year.

     Sustainability Report [PDF]

  • New and efficient products and services

    At Iberdrola we work continuously on the development of new products and services that favour efficiency, energy saving and protection of the environment.

    Thanks to these initiatives, more than 800,000 customers in Spain and Portugal have enjoyed products and services that increase energy efficiency.

    It is remarked the Plan de Movilidad Verde, which promotes the use of electric vehicles by staff, Smart Solar and Hogar Inteligente, both aimed at the improvement of energy consumption via the use of solar technology and the control heating Planes a Tu Medida, which aims to offer the best rate for each profile and the application PowerUp, launched by ScottishPower so that its customers can purchase gas and electricity with their mobile according to their needs and forecast.