We encourage the responsible use of energy

#energy efficiency

The Iberdrola Group seeks to optimise energy consumption throughout the whole energy chain, including production, transport, distribution, and final use. Iberdrola also promotes more efficient energy consumption amongst consumers, through information, training and providing solutions and technology.

Energy efficiency allows smart and innovative energy production and consumption and is one of the key factors in the fight against climate change and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).
At close of 2022

The Iberdrola Group considers energy efficiency from a threefold perspective:

  • As an electric utility, it looks to increase energy efficiency by introducing the latest power generation, transport and distribution technology and equipment, and to reduce auxiliary consumption and the consumption of cooling water. To produce energy two main materials are required: fuel and water for cooling. 
  • As an electricity supplier, it aims to contribute to a more efficient use of energy amongst consumers, informing and training users and providing solutions to help them become more energy efficient and reduce the environmental impact of their energy habits and consumption. It also promotes and develops energy efficient buildings.
  • As an energy-consuming company, focuses on the ongoing improvement of energy efficiency across its operations (offices and buildings, vehicles, water, mobility, employee awareness, etc.).