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The Iberdrola group's International Corporate Volunteering Program was created to channel our employees' spirit of solidarity and to encourage their participation in social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups into society, improving the environment and sustainable development.

Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Programme is a global initiative that is in line with the Group's values and our general sustainable development policy. It was born in 2006 as part of our commitment to encourage the involvement of our teams in the realities of the most disadvantaged in society, turning them into agents of change. 

In 2022, more than 16,800 volunteers participated in the Corporate Volunteering Programme - 38% more than the previous year -. This solidarity energy helped more than half a million people. 

Iberdrola, with the victims of Ukraine

Since the beginning of this humanitarian crisis, Iberdrola has activated its 12,000 volunteers - 8,000 in Spain - so that they can collaborate in different lines of action and has launched the Volunteers for Ukraine programme to channel the solidarity of the company's professionals and transfer their aid in the most efficient way to the people affected. 

Through this programme, Iberdrola has sent more than eight tonnes of humanitarian material donated by its employees in Spain to Ukraine in March 2022. Among the basic necessities provided are first aid, orthopaedic, hygiene and sanitary products, as well as shelter, food, warm clothing, blankets and quilts. In addition, the group has sent the country a first batch of 20 generators to maintain the operation of special services such as hospitals, shelters and water treatment plants.

The company is also raising funds, doubling the amounts donated by its employees, which will be given to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide shelter, immediate food and emergency care to the thousands of people who are leaving Ukraine and massing at the borders.

Finally, the company also supports Ukrainian refugees arriving in Spain through its Iberdrola with Refugees volunteer initiative, which aims to help them adapt, promote their integration and improve their autonomy. Since 2015, this initiative has already assisted more than a thousand refugees from other armed conflicts, such as Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Mali.

International Volunteering Week

In 2022, the Iberdrola group celebrated the celebrates the 11th edition of its International Volunteer Week. Under the slogan "Together we build the world we want", during the week from 1 to 9 October we brought together more than 7,000 volunteers - 40 % more than the previous year - to develop a set of solidarity initiatives related to care for the environment, the fight against climate change, the inclusion of vulnerable groups, and social assistance. Activities were planned in all the countries where we are present, from Spain  to Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Portugal and Japan, which participated for the first time in this solidarity initiative.

As in the previous year, employees were able to participate in International Volunteer Week through face-to-face or online activities. Thus, volunteers and their families carried out various actions with other groups, such as people with disabilities, young people, women in vulnerable situations, refugees and the elderly, bearing in mind that, as a new feature this year, we will plant a tree for each volunteer who participated, an initiative that will help to recover forest mass in areas that have been affected by fires.

This year, there were more than 90 solidarity initiatives, including the "Dorsal Solidario" project, a global challenge to help families in need. The aim is to complete a route (walking, running or cycling) to encourage physical activity among participants, as well as to nurture the spirit of solidarity among our employees. Every five kilometres run or walked and every 15 kilometres cycled is converted into a food basket that will benefit almost 8,800 people

During this week, many activities were carried out related to Iberdrola's commitment to caring for the environment and supporting vulnerable groups, such as reforestation, recycling, cleaning beaches and seabeds, and water care, among others. The initiatives also included online challenges and donations of food, clothing, hygiene products or school kits for children at risk of exclusion.

Proud of Iberdrola's volunteers






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 Datos relativos a 2022.

Contributing to the achievement of the SDGs

Iberdrola has launched a new social project, My Social Footprint, with which it intends to measure the impact of the social actions of its employees on society, thus taking another step forward in its commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through the volunteering website, each employee can find out how many people they have helped with their work, how many hours they have dedicated to each SDG and how many actions they have carried out to contribute to creating a better world.

Iberdrola's Corporate Volunteering Programme is aligned with the SDGs, especially with SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), SDG 13 (climate action), SDG 3 (health and well-being), SDG 4 (quality education) and SDG 10 (reducing inequalities).

Iberdrola's Corporate Volunteering Programme contributes to the achievement of the SDGs.
Iberdrola's Corporate Volunteering Programme contributes to the achievement of the SDGs.

Awarded for our volunteering

Iberdrola was the only Spanish company in the energy sector to be included in the Transforming Lives and Communities report, published in September 2021 by IMPACT2030 in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships. The report recognises the company's Corporate Volunteering Programme as a pioneering practice to harness the skills, passion and experience of its employees in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Programme has already been awarded an Innovation Award 2018 by IMPACT2030, an award that recognises innovative approaches by companies that leverage their human capital, through corporate volunteering programmes, to advance the achievement of the SDGs. Specifically, as the judging panel has highlighted, the company has been recognised for being "an enterprise that innovates to educate, inspire and unite employees around the SDGs in their community, and offers them opportunities to become agents of change and make an impact," as well as for "its exceptional commitment to mobilising the volunteers to work towards the SDGs."

In 2016, the company received a Special Mention on the part of the King of Spain, on the occasion of the celebration of the first decade of its International Program. And in 2015, it was awarded the prize for the most Caring Company (Empresa Solidaria) of the year on the part of International Cooperation.

Begoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager.
Begoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager, received the Innovation Award from the IMPACT2030 network at the UN headquarters in New York.

Taking the SDGs to school

Iberdrola, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid and Samsung, has made available to all schools in the Community of Madrid the initiative ODS al Cole, a multi-company corporate volunteer project regarding Volunteering and Strategy, promoted by Iberdrola, which aims to transfer the importance of the Objectives of Sustainable Development for primary students.

The initiative consists on a guided workshop  with explanatory videos and two activities for the children in order to discover the SDGs, reflect on the world in which we live and make proposals for daily actions to be able to carry out.

Iberdrola strengthens its commitment to corporate volunteering

Iberdrola has joined the board of Voluntare, the top Spanish-speaking international Corporate Volunteering network.

With this decision, our company is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Volunteering as a means for promoting Social Responsibility. It is doing in by joining this international network, which is found in both Spain and Latin America and which has an infrastructure that facilitates teamwork and joint advancement and encourages the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).



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