A global social action community

The Iberdrola group's International Corporate Volunteering Program was created to channel our employees' spirit of solidarity and to encourage their participation in social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups into society, improving the environment and sustainable development.


More than 4,000 employees from ten countries participated in this year's International Volunteer Day, despite the extraordinary conditions imposed by COVID-19. Under our motto Together We Are Building the World We Want, workers from Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Belgium and Portugal have carried out more than 60 charitable initiatives related to care for the environment, the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the social emergency, helping vulnerable families to get back to school by donating food packages and school kits, and assisting disabled and elderly people, who are suffering the most from the lockdown measures. The activities, which were mainly virtual, took place from 19 to 26 September.


More than 1,900 volunteers participated in 20 initiatives, including charity races, reforestation, creating shelters for protecting endangered species, bird observation and registration, making toys to promote the cognitive development and psychomotor skills of people with intellectual disabilities and the elderly, sports workshops, inclusive leisure activities, storytelling with easy reading techniques and providing some company to relieve the emotional effects of the lockdown on elderly and dependent people.

 United Kingdom

Employees organised a green raffle to rid our lives of unnecessary plastics and raise awareness about caring for the planet. They also held recycling workshops to transform common household plastic waste into fun items for the home, as well as donating trees.

 United States

The activities focused on improving the homes of vulnerable people, in addition to meeting basic food needs.


In Mexico, volunteers made charity masks that will be donated to institutions devoted to the employment, education and support of people with hearing disabilities. They also took part in activities related to environmental conservation and awareness regarding climate change, through educational content on the Educaclima tool in the country's schools, creating gardens for hummingbirds and endangered bird species and holding of a sustainable film festival.


In Brazil, the volunteers' activities were related to cleaning the local environment, taking part in a charity gymkhana to collect donations of food and personal hygiene materials that they will donate to NGOs that work with the homeless.

As a warm-up to the day itself, a few colleagues from around the world have recorded the video clip By your side, which is for charity. Every time you view or share it, you will be helping UNICEF's work to mitigate the impact of COVID on children around the world. Download the words here [PDF] and share it!

Achievements of the International Volunteer Day 2020.#RRSSAchievements of the International Volunteer Day 2020.


Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Programme was founded in 2006 and today, more than a decade later, it is a global project that is aligned with the group's values and General Sustainable Development Policy.

Our employees participate in social projects in the countries in which the group has a presence, creating a global community of volunteers who contributes to improving our environment and the quality of life of the most vulnerable people through national and international initiatives. In 2020, a total of 10,409 volunteers from different countries took part in this programme, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals: the program contributes to the attainment of the seventeen SDGs through its focus on supplying affordable and clean energy (Goal 7), climate action (Goal 13), providing quality education (Goal 4), gender equality (Goal 5), reducing inequalities (Goal 10) and improving health and well-being (Goal 3).

With the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, the Volunteering Programme was adapted in record time to respond to the new social needs that arose out of the context of the COVID-19 crisis. The Volunteers Against COVID-19 programme was created to address the most urgent needs and the most affected groups. Volunteering activities were mainly oriented towards: health emergency, reducing the emotional and psychological effects of isolation among the most vulnerable groups, reducing the digital divide and vulnerable groups, and employment.

In addition, climate action has continued with international environmental volunteering days in person before the pandemic and digitally or remotely during the pandemic. And different initiatives have been carried out to promote the autonomy and empowerment of women, such as the first multi-company probono marathon held in Spain at the Iberdrola Campus focused on SDG 5 to improve women's access to technological jobs.


The Iberdrola's International Corporate Volunteering Program has won the Innovation Award 2018 by the IMPACT2030 network, an initiative with the sole mission of mobilising human capital from companies through corporate volunteer programmes to help make progress in attaining the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, as the judging panel has highlighted, the company has been recognised for being "an enterprise that innovates to educate, inspire and unite employees around the SDGs in their community, and offers them opportunities to become agents of change and make an impact", as well as for "its exceptional commitment to mobilising the volunteers to work towards the SDGs".

Begoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager.#RRSSBegoña Barberá, the Iberdrola's Social Projects Manager, received the award at United Nations headquarters in New York as part of the recent inaugural IMPACT2030 Summit.

In 2016, the company received a Special Mention on the part of the King of Spain, on the occasion of the celebration of the first decade of its International Program. And in 2015, it was awarded the prize for the most Caring Company (Empresa Solidaria) of the year on the part of International Cooperation.


Iberdrola, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid and Samsung, has made available to all schools in the Community of Madrid the initiative ODS al Cole, a multi-company corporate volunteer project regarding Volunteering and Strategy, promoted by Iberdrola, which aims to transfer the importance of the Objectives of Sustainable Development for primary students.

The initiative consists on a guided workshop with explanatory videos and two activities for the children in order to discover the SDGs, reflect on the world in which we live and make proposals for daily actions to be able to carry out.


Iberdrola has joined the board of Voluntare, the top Spanish-speaking international Corporate Volunteering network.

With this decision, our company is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Volunteering as a means for promoting Social Responsibility. It is doing in by joining this international network, which is found in both Spain and Latin America and which has an infrastructure that facilitates teamwork and joint advancement and encourages the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


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