Measurement of the global environmental performance of the group

The Corporate Environmental Footprint (CEF) is defined as a multi-criteria measure of the environmental performance of a goods/services providing organization from a life cycle perspective. The main objective of a CEF is to reduce the environmental impact derived from the organisation's activities.

Ecological footprint: Objectives environmental footprint Iberdrola.#RRSSObjectives: Corporate Environmental Footprint. [PDF]

The Iberdrola group's Environmental Footprint objectives are:

  • Understand and compare objectively the effect of our activity in the different environmental impact categories, trace their cause, identifying the environmental aspects and the assets/technologies/regions responsible of them. This will be an extra element of information for the company's management system.
  • Have a single homogeneous methodology for the whole group that allows: 
    • Measure to improve, developing activities to reduce the environmental impact, with the aim of: 
      • Improve operational efficiency.
      • Improve our reputation, through transparency.
      • Promote innovation.
      • Make possible intern and extern benchmarking.
      • Reduce environmental risks.
  • Ensure the group's commitment to transparency.

The results of the Iberdrola group's Environmental Footprint derived from the activities of the 2019 Financial Year are:

Climate change (Human health) 3,510,072,181
Destruction of the Ozone layer 564,669
Human toxicity 356,626,345
Formation of photochemical oxidazers 185,195
Formation of particles 654,345,697
Ionising radiation 9,412,912
Climate change (Ecosystems) 295,599,324
Earth Acidification 412,437
Freshwater eutrophication 398,829
Ecotoxicity to the soil 342,396
Ecotoxicity to Freshwater 789,830
Ecotoxicity to sea water 132,582
Occupation of agricultural land 79,209,268
Occupation of urban land 49,454,597
Transformation of natural land 15,440,767
Natural resources depletion 98,078,436
Fossil fuel depletion 3,949,811,681
Iberdrola group's Environmental Footprint 9,020,877,146