Electricity. Basic manual for lawyers

Analysis of a sector of great economic and social importance

A clear, educational and versatile book.

Electricity. Basic Manual for Legal Professionals.Since 2008, Iberdrola has participated in a significant educational initiative with the coordination, editing, and publication of several works related to Law in the engineering sector.

We now present a new work, Electricity. Basic Manual for Legal Professionals, which is proudly added to the catalogue of published works. Its purpose is to bring and explain the world of engineering and electric power to legal professionals in a simple, didactic, and reader-friendly manner, in order to help them gain a better understanding of a highly technical and complex sector.

These publications are prepared in collaboration with the ICAI Engineers' Association. This collaborative work began with the publication of the Legal Manual for Engineers and was then followed by the Legal Journals for Engineers, which have gradually become richer in content through the eleventh delivery now available and have become an invaluable source of guidance. The purpose of both initiatives is to provide engineering professionals with basic knowledge of legal concepts they need to handle in their daily activities.

The financial benefits generated by these works over the years are donated to Fundación Ingenieros del ICAI para el Desarrollo (ICAI Engineers Foundation for Development) and are reinvested by it in its Programa de Acceso a la Energía (Energy Access Program), which comprises various projects.

If you need more information you can read www.cuadernosdederechoparaingenieros.com External link, opens in new window., where you can find a glossary of terms, an image gallery and a series of links to other sites of interest that can help you to understand better this new work.