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Iberdrola doubles its drive for women's equality through sport by 2022

Sport Women

The Iberdrola group has been promoting women in sport since 2016. They break records, overcome new challenges and, with everyone's support, they are unstoppable. Meet them!

Iberdrola reinforces its commitment to promoting equality through sport, which began in 2016, doubling the number of women it reaches from 300,000 to more than 600,000 in 2022. Following this new commitment in 2022, the group supports more than 100 competitions, 32 of them as Iberdrola leagues. 

Iberdrola's figures in women's sport

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Support for federations

Similarly, Iberdrola has doubled the number of federations it supports from 16 to 32, i.e., half the total number of federations in Spain. Since 2016, Iberdrola has been the main promoter of women's sport in Spain, which has resulted in a 42% increase in the number of women's licences in the federations it supports.

The federations of: underwater activities, bowling, winter sports, weightlifting, judo, Olympic wrestling, mountaineering and climbing, swimming, skating, pelota, rowing, squash, taekwondo, tennis, archery and sailing join this new impulse. These join the federations already supported by the group, namely athletics, badminton, handball, boxing, ice sports, fencing, football, gymnastics, hockey, karate, canoeing, rugby, surfing, table tennis, triathlon, and volleyball. The sports federations supported by Iberdrola are:

 Underwater activities  Weightlifting   Rugby
 Athletics  Hockey  Squash
 Badminton   Judo Surfing
 Handball   Karate  Taekwondo
 Bowling  Olympic wrestling   Tennis
 Boxing   Mountaineering and climbing  Table tennis 
 Ice sports  Swimming  Archery
 Winter sports   Skating  Triathlón
 Fencing  Pelota  Sailing 
 Football  Canoeing  Volleyball
 Gymnastics  Rowing  

*In red: the new federations

The Iberdrola Group's global commitment


Iberdrola was the first company to make a global commitment to promoting the participation of women in sports under the same conditions as men. 

In both Spain and Brazil, the company is the main partner-sponsor of the women's national football team. In Spain, it is also the main sponsor of the U-19 and U-17 national teams, the Copa de la Reina and the Supercopa Iberdrola.

In Brazil it also lends its name to the women's football league, which is called Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia, taking its name from Iberdrola's subsidiary in that country.

Thanks to this sponsorship agreement with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), valid until 2024 and the largest in the company's history, Neoenergia also becomes the first company to exclusively support the Brazilian women's national football team.

Furthermore, in Scotland, Scottishpower will be the main sponsor of the Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) and the Scottish league. As a result, Scottishpower will be the sponsor of the Scottish Youth Challenge Cups in the three age groups, in addition to the Scottish Women’s Highlands and Islands League. The goal is to continue improving the level of the lower categories and also of those more remote regions.

Other sports

Iberdrola is a strong supporter of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and has sponsored the Spanish Paralympic team through the ADOP (Paralympic Objective Sport Support Plan) since its creation in 2005.


The Iberdrola Women Ambassadors programme aims to empower women, recognise their role in society and raise awareness of the need for all of us to build a society with equal opportunities.

The company already has 32 high-level female sportswomen, with whom it continues to pave the way for women's sport to finally get the recognition it deserves.

1. Carolina Marín
12. Susana Rodríguez
(Adapted Triathlon)
23. Belén Toimil
2. Paula Badosa
13. Adriana Cerezo
24. Vicky López
3. Sandra Sánchez
14. Eva Moral
(Adapted Triathlon)
25. Sara Barrios
(Field hockey)
4. Alexia Putellas
15. Teresa Portela
26. Paula Soria
(Beach Volleyball)
5. Ona Carbonell 
(Synchronized swimming)
16. Adiaratou Iglesias
27. Laura Fuertes
6. Lydia Valentin
17. Liliana Fernández
(Beach Volleyball)
28. Laura Martínez
7. Gisela Pulido 
18. Lucía Martiño 
29. María Laborda
(Mountain climbing)
8. Irene Paredes
19. Desirée Vila
30. Inés de Velasco
9. María Vicente
20. Loida Zabala
(Para powerlifting)
31. Nuria Rodríguez
(Ice Sports)
10. Queralt Castellet
(Winter sports)
21. Marta Fernández
(Adapted swimming)
32. Lucía Martín
11. Laura Ester
(Water Polo)
22. Paula Arcos

Iberdrola Supera Awards

In addition, in 2020 it launched the Iberdrola Supera Awards with the aim of recognising and giving visibility to the best initiatives implemented in Spain in favour of equality and the empowerment of women through sport

Women's Universe programme

In 2016, the company became the main promoter of the Universo Mujer programme of the National Sports Council (CSD). The aim of this agreement is to promote and develop sport practiced by women as an instrument of recognition of the important role of women in sport and in society. 

This alliance has helped to increase by 42% the number of federated women in the disciplines supported by Iberdrola and has also contributed to providing the necessary infrastructure. In 2023, the Women's Universe Tour starts in Huesca, between 11 and 12 March, with multiple activities to enjoy sport, competitions and exhibitions with local athletes and national champions. The finishing touch is a popular race, the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). From that moment on, a tour of different provincial capitals begins with the aim of promoting the development of women's sport as a fundamental pillar in the recognition of the role of women in society and disseminating the successes achieved by our sportswomen.