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Iberdrola group has been promoting women in sports since 2016. They are breaking records, overcoming new challenges and, with the support from all of us, are unstoppable. Meet them!

For the sixth consecutive year, the Iberdrola Leagues have returned in the 2021/2022 season, showing all the strength, courage and dedication of women in sports competition.

Iberdrola was the first company to make a global commitment to encourage women's participation in sport under the same conditions as men. Today, the company supports in Spain 16 federations (gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports and fencing), lending its name to 22 leagues, all at the top level, and to other 35 competitions.

The company is the main sponsoring partner of the national women's football team in both Spain and Brazil. In the former, it also supports the under-19 and under-17 football teams, the Queen's Cup and the first division: the Primera Iberdrola.

It is also lending its name to the Brazilian women's football league, which, from next season, will be named Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia, after Iberdrola's affiliate in this country.

Thanks to this sponsorship agreement with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), which runs until 2024 and is the largest in the company's history, Neoenegia will also become the first company to support Brazil's national women's football team.


Iberdrola firmly supports Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and has sponsored the Spanish Paralympic team through the ADOP (Support Plan for Paralympic Objective Sport) since its creation in 2005.

In addition, in 2020 it launched the Iberdrola SuperA Awards with the aim of recognizing and giving visibility to the best initiatives launched in Spain in favor of equality and the empowerment of women through sports practice.

In 2016, Iberdrola became the main driving force behind the Universe Woman programme of the High Council of Sports (CSD). The purpose of this agreement is to nurture and develop women's sport as an instrument for recognising women's importance in sport and in society.

This arrangement has helped to increase by 39 % the number of federated members in these 16 disciplines, which in 2019 reached 334,322. The company also contributes providing the necessary infrastructure in terms of facilities, transport, medical services, referees and other technical support.

In October 2020, chairman Ignacio Galán confirmed his unconditional support for the athletes in the return of the Iberdrola Leagues after the break due to COVID-19. He did so during a virtual meeting with representatives of the 16 federations that the company supports, in which he was accompanied by the then president of the CSD, Irene Lozano.

Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola

You are a breath of optimism. You are making history, but we have to keep moving forward. It is our moral and just obligation to grant you the place you now hold. Because you are ones who win the medals

One example of this will is the Future Is in You initiative, in which the ambassadors of the Women's Universe programme share a one-day training session with a younger sportswoman from that discipline. Throughout the day, the girls learn useful techniques for their discipline, are given tips and discover the path that they must follow to get to the top in the world of sport. All this from the hands of the elite sportswomen they most admire.

In addition, the company has signed another collaboration agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) with the aim of promoting equality in sport — in line with SDG num. 5: Gender Equality — and helping sportswomen to become an inspiration to other women and society.

The two bodies will be launching a Gender Equality in Sport programme to make it a reference point for the rest of Spanish society, which involves both technical training and empowerment as well as specific actions, i.e. panel discussions and conferences, to promote the visibility of women in sport. This initiative will also be presented to the Women in Sport Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to serve as an example for the global Olympic movement.

In addition, Madrid City Council and Iberdrola presented in December 2019 their Girls, sport makes us powerful! project, a programme to encourage girls and women aged 12 to 24 years to take part in grass roots sport and prevent girls and young women giving up physical activity — which they give up they do more than boys.

Female participation in municipal sports is less than 20 % and only 37 % in schools where it is promoted. The presence of women in organising bodies and sports management stands at 10 % (according to data from the city council).

The project will benefit more than 5,000 minors from 10 secondary schools in 5 areas of Madrid, who will attend talks and workshops run by sportswomen provided by Iberdrola.

Thanks to all these initiatives, the company has received from the CSD the Gold Plate of the Royal Order of Sports Merit, the highest distinction granted to sport in Spain, for its firm commitment to sport, expressed in the past few years in its promotion of women's participation as part of the drive for equality. Iberdrola has also been awarded the first prize in the National Marketing Awards for Sponsorship, for the commitment and involvement shown by the entire company and the visibility that its sponsorship actions are having in society.


Women's football

The rise of Spanish football is unstoppable. The Primera Iberdrola teams include both Spanish and foreign high-level women footballers. And the Spanish national women's team, which is supported by our company, is now considered one of the best.

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Women's rugby

Iberdrola promotes the League and the Spanish national women's rugby team. The rise of our lionesses has been spectacular: they are champions of Europe and are attracting increasing support in the stands. They have become a benchmark for young women who come to play this sport.

Discover the secrets of women's rugby

Women's gymnastics

In Spain, there are nearly 50,000 federated gymnasts of whom more than 45,000 are women. The figures speak for themselves: women are the queens of gymnastics in this country (over 92 %), which has accumulated a track record of first-rate international successes for decades. The company and the Spanish Gymnastics Federation have created the Iberdrola Circuit to promote and popularise artistic gymnastics in Spain.

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Women's triathlon

The Spanish Triathlon Federation was one of the first to be sponsored by Iberdrola by signing an agreement with the Spanish National Sports Council (CSD) as part of the Universe Woman program. It is one of the most influential disciplines in our country, and one of the most egalitarian.

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Women's handball

Since 2016, Iberdrola has been the main sponsor of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation and the Spanish women's national team, which is already a benchmark in the European and World Championships of this sport.

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Women's athletics

Athletics is one of the sports disciplines with most female participation. With the agreement between Iberdrola and the RFEA comes the start of the new League and Iberdrola Queen's Cup, which is a tremendous boost for this sport.

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Other women's sports

Iberdrola supports other federations through the Women, Health and Sport initiative: badminton, boxing, field hockey and ice hockey, karate, canoeing, surf, table tennis, volleyball and fencing.

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