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Iberdrola has collaborated with the ADOP Plan, the Spanish plan to support paralympians, since it was initially created in 2005. The plan aims to provide Spanish paralympic athletes with the best possible conditions to train and achieve success in the Paralympic Games.

Iberdrola has supported paralympic sport since 2005.
Iberdrola has supported paralympic sport since 2005.

The ADOP Plan External link, opens in new window. is an initiative by the Spanish Paralympic Committee, the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. Its existence is made possible by financial contributions from companies like Iberdrola, which took the decision to invest in paralympic sport as a way of transmitting the values that these athletes represent — such as effort, determination and teamwork — to society. The company was one of the first sponsors of this programme, which was launched in 2005, and it continues to be totally committed to paralympic sport.

The ADOP Plan includes a Scholarship Programme which provides athletes with financial aid so they can focus on sport as their main activity, and a Programme of Services that includes an integral training support system, with training at high performance facilities and a medical service, among others. It also has a Direct Federation Sponsorship Programme and a Social Dissemination and Sponsor Return Programme.

At present, a total of 22 disciplines are considered paralympic sports. Paralympic sports include both conventional sports in which people with disabilities can take part without modification, as well as sports that have been adapted for people with disabilities and created specifically for these participants.

Just as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regulates Olympic sports, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) supervises the Paralympic Games through its national federations. There are two categories of Paralympic Games: the winter games (alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, biathlon, chair curling and ice hockey) and the summer games (athletics, chair basketball, boccia, cycling, riding, wheelchair fencing, 5-a-side football, goalball, weightlifting, judo, swimming, paratriathlon, canoeing, rowing, chair rugby, table tennis, archery and Olympic shooting).

'Invincibles', a series that raises the profile of paralympic sport

Presenting 'Invincibles', a series that raises the profile of paralympic sport.

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), which is held on 3 December 2020 every year, Iberdrola launched Invincibles External link, opens in new window., a set of interviews designed to raise the profile of paralympic sport in Spain and underline values such as the will to succeed, the desire to chase your dreams and the capacity to forge ahead. Meet the stars!

  • Loida_Zabala

    Loida Zabala: When it is possible to lift everything, there is no place for fear

  • Eva_Mora

    Eva Moral: Luck will never have the last word

  • Desiree

    Desirée Vila: The fire that makes you fly

  • Susana_Rodigue

    Susana Rodríguez: A tie that breaks all barriers

  • Adolfo

    Adolfo Bellido y Noel Martín: A story about how effort can be shared and distances divided

  • Toni_Ponce_Nadador

    Toni Ponce: "When you challenge yourself, there is always a winner"

  • Sara

    Sara Revuelta: "Chase your dreams, but conquer your space"

We drive equality through sport

Iberdrola looks upon sport as the perfect vehicle for progressing toward equality. The group is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone feels represented, for which it carries out different activities and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.

Through sport, Iberdrola supports the inclusion of people with disability and encourages equality and the empowerment of women, promoting talent, real equality and social development. As well as collaborating with the ADOP Plan, the company is the main driving force behind women's sport in Spain, through its sponsorship of the Women's Universe programme from the CSD. It also has an International corporate volunteering programme through which it carries out social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups.


Diversity and inclusion, a priority for sustainable growth

Iberdrola group works to guarantee the diversity and inclusion of its employees and suppliers, improve the accessibility of the products and services it offers and move towards a more diverse and inclusive society in the countries in which it operates.


We are advancing towards a fairer and more egalitarian society

The company's commitment to the creation of sustainable value has driven it to make some significant achievements regarding diversity and inclusion, both with its employees and with its customers, suppliers and society at large, as described in the Diversity and Inclusion Report 2019.


Encouraging participation by women in the world of sports

Iberdrola is the main sponsor of the Women's Universe programme from the Higher Sports Council, through which it supports 16 women's sports federations and lends its name to 22 top-level leagues and another 35 competitions.


We are allocating over 1.2 million euros to our 2021 Social Programme

The company will support a total of 34 social projects to benefit vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Our Social Programme has disbursed more than 10 million euros to more than 400 initiatives in the last decade.