Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion, a strategic priority for sustainable growth

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Our society has changed enormously in recent years. We live in an increasingly global world, where different cultures, races, genders and identities are ever more closely connected. And everyone's needs should all be covered equally. Iberdrola has been carrying out strategic actions to ensure diversity and inclusion for its workers, customers and suppliers, and to progress toward being a more diverse and inclusive society in all the countries where we are present.

Our progress towards a more just and egalitarian society

Iberdrola looks upon diversity and inclusion as strategic priorities for sustainable growth and we set out to oversee that these values are upheld both within the company and in our relationships with third parties.


"Promoting diversity and inclusion is an essential task for any company that seeks to create sustainable value with its activity"

Ignacio Galán, Executive chairman of Iberdrola Group


Diversidad e Inclusión
We are increasingly promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives that go beyond the boundaries of the company.

That's why we have an innovative Diversity and Inclusion and Anti-Harassment Policy that includes best international practices and, since then, we have made significant progress with our employees, customers, suppliers and society in general, as explained annually in our Diversity and Inclusion Report 2023 [PDF].

At Iberdrola we promote diversity, equity and inclusion through initiatives focused on talent, culture, customer and social contribution, supporting everyone to truly be themselves, collaborating with our employees and other stakeholders to deliver an inclusive, innovative and sustainable energy future for all.

The Group maintains an explicit commitment against discrimination on any grounds and has procedures in place to prevent discrimination based on gender, age, disability, origin or any other condition or characteristic of a person that is unrelated to the requirements of the job.

Iberdrola’s Diversity and Inclusion Report


Committed to the diversity and inclusion of our workforce

  • 93 nationalities
  • +4.5 % than last year
  • +740 disabled people in the workforce
  • +5.4 % than last year

4 generations

Distribution by professional category

In %

Leadership positions

19 % 54 % 27 % 1 %

Qualified technicians

12 % 31 % 42 % 15 %

Professional trades and support staff

12 % 22 % 47 % 19 %
  • Baby boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millenials
  • Generation Z

Distribution by gender

  • 24 % women
  • 76 % men
  • Boards of Directors
  • 43 % women
  • 57 % men
  • Relevant positions ⁽¹⁾
  • 28 % women
  • 72 % men
  • Positions of responsibility ⁽²⁾
  • 34 % women
  • 66 % men

⁽¹⁾ Leadership positions and other positions reporting to the Board of Directors or its committees.

⁽²⁾ They include technical levels all the way up to senior positions.

We have implemented countless initiatives to support diverse groups within our community

We have more than 20 affinity employee networks + 5,000 members participating in them.


We serve the community

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    + 20,000 volunteers in the International Corporate Volunteering Programme

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    90 % of 2023 purchasing decisions involve sustainable suppliers

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    + 2,201 scholarships and educational incentives awarded + 12 % than last year

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    + 1,000 students in our internship programme

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    80 training and research projects

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    + 622,000 people benefited directly from social action initiatives

Data taken from “Iberdrola’s Diversity and Inclusion Report 2023”

Our global strategy for diversity and inclusion


Promoting an inclusive culture through leadership training, collective awareness-raising and positive communication. We promote diversity and inclusion through:

Robust governance model

Collective awareness-raising

Positive and constant communication

Leadership development

Affinity groups


Inclusive talent management that promotes equal access to opportunities and enables the development and growth of everyone in the company. We promote diversity and inclusion through:

HR processes under diversity criteria

Internal and international mobility

Training and development

Knowledge transfer

Representativeness and inclusion of minorities

Preparation of young professionals for the market

Flexibility and reconciliation measures


To promote and highlight, together with our current and future clients, the organisation's commitment to diversity and the inclusive services offered. We promote diversity and inclusion through:

Increased accessibility for customers with disabilities

Targeted initiatives for vulnerable customers

Promoting energy access

Social contribution

Actively influence our environment to contribute to bring about real change towards a more sustainable future and a fairer society. We promote diversity and inclusion through:

Boosting STEM careers

Volunteering for vulnerable groups

Contribution of the Foundations  

Incentive for inclusive practices (suppliers)  

Sports sponsorship



Diversity and inclusion in the countries in which we operate

We promote diversity (gender, generational, functional and cultural diversity at work) and inclusion through accessibility and innovation in our facilities, products and services. Together with our partners in the countries where we operate, we ensure that we provide everyone with an environment free of barriers, both structural and social. Learn about some of the plans and actions carried out in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Brazil, as well as in the more than 20 countries that we coordinate at Iberdrola Internacional:



In Spain, we work to create value in the communities in which we operate. Ensuring inclusion and diversity among employees, customers and suppliers is one of our priorities; and therefore, we implement a series of measures to promote them.

  United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

ScottishPower is an innovative and inclusive organisation where people feel valued and inspired to develop, which moves towards equal pay and work-life balance, and collaborates with communities through partnerships with institutions.

  United States.

United States

AVANGRID focuses its efforts on creating and maintaining a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. Its diversity and inclusion initiatives are fundamentally linked to three values: sustainability, agility and collaboration.

Luces de Esperanza


At Iberdrola Mexico, diversity and inclusion are strategic priorities for sustainable growth and cross-cutting pillars of our activity.



Neoenergia believes that in order to create a positive impact on society it is essential to bring people with different profiles, ideas and cultures together in the workplace. We bet in the generation of creative, innovative, diverse and inclusive teams.

Diversidad en IEI

Iberdrola International

Iberdrola International coordinates the Group's activities in over 20 countries, which makes us a team proud of our global, intercultural and heterogeneous identity – carrying out strategic actions to ensure diversity and inclusion.

Our alliances and recognition in diversity and inclusion

Iberdrola has numerous alliances with international institutions and educational entities in order to maximise the positive impact of its actions and promote diversity and inclusion. So, for example, the company maintains alliances with:

 UN Women

 European Round Table (ERT)

The company has also resolved to maintain its presence in the major international sustainable development indices, such as:

 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

 Workforce Disclosure Initiative

 Global 100