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Our Results Presentation and Capital Markets Day web pages meet the Double A standard for accessibility

Diversity Integration

We have certified our Results Presentations and Capital Markets Day web pages according to the Double A standard for accessibility of the World Wide Web Consortium. We remain committed to promoting the accessibility of our corporate website so that everyone can access it on equal terms.


Iberdrola's Results Presentations and Capital Markets Day web pages have been awarded the ILUNION Double A level certificate for web accessibility.

Following the audit carried out on 16 June 2021 External link, opens in new window., ILUNION, an ONCE Social Group company, has certified that the web pages dedicated to Results Presentation and Capital Markets Day on our corporate website comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), at its Double A level.

Web accessibility is the combination of technology and standards of implementation and design that enable the greatest possible number of people to use the Internet, including those who have some form of disability. The Double A standard is the intermediate level set by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the W3C and the one most commonly required. It is awarded to those pages that meet advanced criteria of web accessibility, such as the availability of subtitles for videos and the facility to increase text size, among others.

The WCAG are recommendations for web site accessibility. Their purpose is to ensure that all types of pages, including multimedia pages, work correctly for all users. In general, for a website to be accessible, no special design is necessary. It is sufficient for it to be flexible so that people can interact with it from different input devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and for the different technologies that it uses (Flash, Java, PDF or other plug-ins) to be compatible with accessibility.

In addition, these measures ensure that the pages are more manageable. By making browsing easier and allowing access to pages from various devices, their user experience, usability and search engine positioning are improved.

Iberdrola, committed to accessibility

At Iberdrola, we have set as a priority objective that everyone, regardless of disabilities, age or the type of technology used, is able to navigate our website without encountering access problems. With this in mind, the design of our corporate website has been based on compliance with the WCAG, which also represent the basis of standards such as ISO/IEC 40500 and UNE 139803:2012.

After certifying the sections dedicated to Results Presentations and Capital Markets Day, we continue our collaboration with ILUNION Technology and Accessibility and we have renewed the certification of the General Shareholders' Meeting 2022 pages for Double A level of the WCAG 2.1 and the UNE 139803:2012 External link, opens in new window., as we already achieved for the General Meeting pages in 2020. We thereby respond to our commitment to sustainable events management, in our efforts to promote accessibility, inclusion and non-discrimination in the planning and execution of our main corporate events.

ILUNION Accesibilidad, Certificación WCAG-WAI AA (abre en nueva ventana)

We kkep working to curtail the use of text images on our corporate website and to increase the level of contrast of some items, as well as on other measures. However, should you encounter any difficulty in accessing the information on our website or have any suggestions or queries about accessibility, please contact us at cdc@iberdrola.com.