Social welfare has an effect on all members of society. But this is not always the case and is why educational, employment and cultural initiatives are implemented among the most vulnerable groups. Find out about some of them.

  • The democratisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which facilitate access to thousands of information, work and leisure opportunities, is fundamental in today's society and their use must be independent of each person's condition. The objective of digital inclusion is to ensure that, for example, the elderly or those with less purchasing power or with motor, intellectual or audio-visual disabilities are not left out of a world that offers infinite possibilities.

  • The COVID-19 crisis has pushed some of the main humanitarian crises on the planet into the background, despite the fact that the virus has actually made them worse. Crises ranging from armed conflicts to natural disasters proliferate because of climate change. Here is a reminder of some of the worst calamities affecting the world.

    Iberdrola has collaborated with the ADOP Plan, the Spanish plan to support paralympians, since it was initially created in 2005. The plan aims to provide Spanish paralympic athletes with the best possible conditions to train and achieve success in the Paralympic Games.

  • Iberdrola group is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels represented. To do this, it includes strategic actions aimed at guaranteeing the diversity and inclusion of its workers and suppliers, improving the accessibility of the products and services it offers and moving towards a more diverse and inclusive society in the countries where it operates.

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    Iberdrola identifies diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority for sustainable growth. It therefore has an Equal Opportunities and Work/Life Balance Policy that focuses on ensuring a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture, it works to meet the different needs of its customers and it evaluates the performance of its suppliers in terms of diversity and inclusion. Iberdrola also promotes women's sport as a way to foster effective equality and develops social projects aimed at integrating vulnerable groups.