labour market

The emergence of new technologies has revolutionised the employment market. From the sort of profiles that are demanded to the way of looking for work. Learn the latest tips to adapt quickly and smoothly to this new environment.

  • Preparing the best possible CV is no easy task, in fact, it can become a headache. Selecting the right information, choosing the right format, especially nowadays with the numerous possibilities offered by ICT, and taking care of the spelling are just some of the keys to present a modern and attractive CV that will win over companies at first glance.

  • In a couple of decades - maybe less - robots will do many of the jobs that humans now do. But before we set the alarms bells ringing, let's listen to the experts. They say that in this man-machine race, human beings have a competitive advantage: emotional intelligence.

    Find new work opportunities, contact collaborators, launch your personal project or meet potential customers. In a world dominated by technology, the on-line version of networking can give you a competitive advantage. This aside, it's a bad idea to underestimate the value of face-to-face contact.

  • A personal brand is the sum of all those characteristics that define us and differentiate us from others as professionals. Using social media is currently one of the most effective ways to create, consolidate and promote this brand. These tools can be the launching pad for our personal brand and give it a definitive boost.

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    The current context needs us to continuously update our skills in order not to be left out of the jobs market. Lifelong learning is the answer, whether at business level — more and more companies are developing training programs — or as individuals — having the attitude to learn every day —.