professional skills

Companies demand certain professional skills. From technical skills to emotional skills (soft skills). We will tell you how to acquire and develop them and how to put them into practice successfully.

  • Soft skills comprise a set of social competences that make it easier for people to relate to their peers. Although they are closely linked to one's own personality, they can be improved and, despite their intangible nature, they are highly valued by companies today. They include emotional intelligence, change management and critical thinking.

  • Job hopping is a trend that is growing exponentially in the labour market and mainly refers to professionals who change jobs frequently and voluntarily. They are known as job hoppers and their aim is a constant search for new challenges. Although they rarely settle in a company, unless they are offered the possibility of jumping internally, companies have begun to value them positively.

    Merco Talent 2020 recognises Iberdrola as one of the four companies with the highest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. Furthemore, the group secured second place in the energy, gas and water sector, thus making it 14 years running in the top positions. The company's appeal is a consequence of its commitment to equality, work-life balance and training.

  • One of the main tasks of a business leader is to get their team to believe in a project, keep them motivated and make the best of each member in pursuit of the corporate goals. The problem is that there is no magic formula and, therefore, we have a wide range of leadership styles.

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    There are many leadership styles in the workplace, but today one style stands out above the rest: the transformational, who aims to inspire and motivate employees, foster their creativity and drive their professional development. These leaders influence others and set an example, they transform companies and their members, who voluntarily follow the leader in pursuit of a common goal.