With the aim of contributing to the society and the promotion of talent we constantly seek links between economic activity, education, training and the academic world.

  • Companies are increasingly embracing learning by doing, a more action-oriented methodology when it comes to staff training. It is based on the practice of the work performed in order to stimulate the activity, motivation and participation of employees, sharing ideas in workgroupsand developing a fair self-assessment.

  • In a fast-evolving digital world, agility and flexibility in tackling tasks and projects is the key to success. But how is this achieved? By implementing a different way of organising and working. This is where an agile culture comes in, as it improves productivity and encourages the development of liquid organisations.

    Iberdrola carries out numerous initiatives to support the professional development of women and to promote equal opportunities. It has set up programmes such as the School of Electricians for women in Brazil and Impulso STEM in Mexico.

  • On the back of the digital revolution, new professions specialising in technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are flourishing at a rate the job market can't keep pace with. In an attempt to fill this gap, companies are offering staff training to optimise their performance (upskilling) or to "recycle" them for a different post (reskilling). Let's take a look at the benefits of these trends.

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    It is as important to have a good idea as it is to find the right mentors and be able to listen to them. Víctor Melgarejo is a mentor at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and, because of his long experience, he has a perfect understanding of the characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to have.