The best corporate reputation is fueled with high quality employment, education and professional development. In order to achieve that goal, we defend a human resources' model that allow us to identify, maintain and promote the talent and, at the same time, boosting personal and professional development.

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  • Merco Talent 2020 recognises Iberdrola as one of the four companies with the highest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. Furthemore, the group secured second place in the energy, gas and water sector, thus making it 14 years running in the top positions. The company's appeal is a consequence of its commitment to equality, work-life balance and training.

  • Iberdrola has presented 175 projects to the Next Generation EU programme to mobilise investments of €30 bn in Spain, involving 350 small and medium-size enterprises, institutions, technology partners, startups and the entire value chain. These actions — in the areas of green hydrogen, innovative renewable energy, sustainable mobility, energy storage, smart power grids, heat electrification and component recycling with clean technologies — will contribute to the industrial transformation of the country, focusing on sustainability, green, affordable energy and employment.

    Going out in search of talent or attracting it like a magnet? More and more companies are opting for the latter, a strategy known as Inbound Recruiting, and they do so not only through attractive job vacancies, but also by attracting professionals with a value proposition that makes them irresistible. To do this, it is essential to develop Employer Branding and other talent attraction techniques.

  • Iberdrola group acts as a motor for economic and social development by creating stable and quality employment. In this sense, it has committed to investing €75bn until 2025, that will increase to €150 billion in 2030, to boost the industrial fabric and employment in the countries in which it operates.

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    David Almroth, Umar Chughtai and Sakina Turabali are an example of how to go into business sustainably and successfully. These three youngsters from Sweden, Pakistan and Sri Lanka dreamed that electrical installations could be inspected more efficiently and above all in a less harmful way to the environment. And, to do this, they founded Skyqraft, the startup that won the Startup Challenge launched by Iberdrola group, Resilience to Natural Disasters.