The best corporate reputation is fueled with high quality employment, education and professional development. In order to achieve that goal, we defend a human resources' model that allow us to identify, maintain and promote the talent and, at the same time, boosting personal and professional development.

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  • Merco Talent 2019 recognises Iberdrola as one of the five companies with the highest capacity to attract and retain talent in Spain. It has also succeeded in leading the energy, gas and water sector for the thirteenth consecutive year. The company's appeal is a consequence of its commitment to equality, work-life balance and training.

  • Iberdrola presents 'United by the wind', a documentary that shows the most social aspect of the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm. More than twenty workers, both from the company and from several of its suppliers, tell us about the importance of teamwork, companionship and training to set up an infrastructure of this magnitude and complexity, as well as the driving effect that this development is having on local economies.

    Unicorns were mythical creatures famous for the horn on their heads. Fast forward to the 21st Century and, now minus its protuberance, the myth comes to life in the form of businesses that manage to reach a valuation of 1 billion dollars. Becoming one of them is the dream of any fledgling startup.

  • Stability is one of the features that characterises employment at Iberdrola: over 98% of the workers have an open-ended contract.

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    More than 700 million workers worldwide live in poverty (ILO, 2017), while gender disparities are widening. In order to achieve sustainable economic development, societies need to create the conditions necessary for people to access quality jobs, stimulating the economy without harming the environment.