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Introducing our Digital Plan to boost business strategy through digitisation

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Digitalisation has become a key ally for companies to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in a rapidly evolving context, and to do so with agility, security, efficiency and a people-centric approach. Digitalisation is at the heart of all business processes, accelerating them and bringing value and new opportunities.

Iberdrola, at the forefront of digital transformation.
Iberdrola, at the forefront of digital transformation.

At Iberdrola, digitalisation and innovation have been an essential part of our business for decades, and the use of information technologies has become a fundamental asset for the company.

Digitalisation to boost our strategic objectives

Our Strategic Plan 2024-2026 includes an investment of €41 billion to accelerate the energy transition in different sectors, focusing on expanding electricity grids and increasing renewable capacity, offering new value-added solutions. Energy transition’s goals are clear and deadlines are very strict. This is why now that we are at an accelerating pace, digitalisation is, more than ever, key to ensure this effective and on-time transition.

Iberdrola's Digital Plan affects all of our business areas, accelerating their digital transformation. A transversal effort to drive the Group's strategy and promote a digital culture, while providing tools, skills and solutions that create value for all our stakeholders.

To make this transition happen, Iberdrola is committed to:

  • The decentralised governance model for information technology (IT). By creating our centres of excellence, we drive business strategy from within through digitisation, using cross-disciplines to maximise the full power of knowledge and the use and deployment of best practices.
  • A comprehensive cyber security strategy that focuses on integrating cyber security into business operations and decision-making, with a focus on protecting information and our platforms, early incident detection and resilience.
  • The transition to the cloud. Through a plan to migrate our business platforms and applications to cloud environments, to gain flexibility, speed, availability, agility and global coverage.
  • An AI growth plan. We introduce efficient improvements using the latest capabilities provided by generative AI, guaranteeing respect for people, security, transparency and explainability through our Policy for the development and responsible use of AI tools, aligned with the new European regulation, IA Act. The use of generative AI will allow us to immediately improve our dealings with customers, offering a better service in terms of quality and speed, and enriching and personalising the user experience.

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Ignacio Galán

"In the same way that we were pioneers decades ago in the commitment to renewable energies, we have also been pioneers in the digitalisation of electricity grids and now we are pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence and big data."

Ignacio Galán

Iberdrola's Executive Chairman