Nowadays we are immersed in the information society, Internet has become the decisive technology: billions of people all over the world can access free and immediate information. There is an immense amount of data that we can find online, it is necessary to educate people in managing that information.

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  • Natural language processing (NLP) brings together two disciplines as apparently distant as linguistics and artificial intelligence. Today, this field of computer science, which consists of transforming natural language into a formal language — such as programming — that computers can process, is constantly evolving and its applications are growing.

  • Digital nomads are a growing trend. New technologies and remote work have opened up a world of possibilities for this type of profile. They are people who manage to adapt their profession to their lifestyle and personal circumstances, enjoying greater flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Below, we get to know them a little better and review some of the best destinations for them.

    More than 8 billion devices are connected to the Internet of Things — IoT — and this figure is set to triple in just three years. Objects will become smart and the world will undergo a fourth industrial revolution.

  • According to Oxford Economics data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can impact industries that account for 62 % of GDP in the G20 countries. Some of these include manufacturing, energy and food. The application of IIoT in industry promises to become the biggest driver of productivity and innovation in the next decade.

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    Deep learning, which is based on a set of algorithms related to machine learning and whose real-world applications are increasingly tangible (prediction of business results, evolution of virtual assistants, analysis of medical images, etc.), has attracted the attention of companies for its ability to get the most out of artificial intelligence.