Computer security involves regulations, procedures, methods and techniques destined to achieve a reliable and secure information system. Security is one of the main challenges that both users and organizations are facing.

  • Awards that do not exist, unbeatable job offers, products at prices too low... These are just a few examples of scams that circulate nowadays on the Internet. Would you know how to detect them?

  • Have you ever heard of phishing? It is a type of cyberattack that is becoming more common.

    Ana Alonso, Director of large companies and Microsoft partners, explained at the Digital Summit 2018 organized by Iberdrola, how companies are transforming their businesses so that their employees work efficiently and flexibly: "When your employees work in a new and better way, it has an impact on customer satisfaction".

  • Social networks have become our photo albums, our bulletin boards, even our voice. We publish what happens to us during the day, we give our opinion on news, we participate in debates... And all this, very often, publicly.

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    During our holidays we seek to relax and disconnect from our daily lives, but we must not forget that it is the time of the year when cybercriminals can take advantage of our disconnection from the madding crowd to 'fill their boots' at our expense.