Computer security involves regulations, procedures, methods and techniques destined to achieve a reliable and secure information system. Security is one of the main challenges that both users and organizations are facing.

  • Electronic invoices is the billing system that most people choose now. The search for greater reliability, security and comfort, as well as the rise of new technologies, has made billing via electronic media ever more frequent.

  • Internet purchases are the order of the day: clothing, food, technology products... Everything we want is within our reach with just one click. This gives us, above all, convenience and speed when buying any product.

    Free Wi-Fi in most bars and restaurants can get us out of a bind, but it is important to know how to use it safely.

  • Just as in your life you have an identity that defines you and differentiates you from others according to your name, traits, personal characteristics, acts... On the Internet you also have what is known as digital identity.

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    For a lot of people, the concept of biometrics sounds like something very remote, extremely scientific or completely unheard of. But the truth is that we are seeing it more and more in our daily lives and they say it will soon end up replacing our passwords or door keys.