Our innovation model

Innovation, a strategic pillar for Iberdrola

At Iberdrola, we are committed to an innovation model that drives the development of disruptive and sustainable technologies that in turn consolidate the energy transformation.

Our vision in terms of innovation is to drive the development of disruptive and sustainable technologies, aligned with the key drivers of the transformation of the energy sector: decarbonising energy generation, through the massive integration of renewable energies, promoting smart grids and electrifying the demand.

At Iberdrola, we are the world's leading private energy company in terms of investment in R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) according to the European Commission. In 2023, we invested €384 million. In this way, we seek to improve our processes, the operating conditions and safety of our facilities, as well as to reduce our environmental impact.

An innovative effort focused on five main bases

New products and services that respond to customer needs with greater personalisation of content and offers.

Disruptive technologies that are increasingly efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly, optimising the operation of facilities and processes, as well as products and services that are more innovative and competitive.

Digitalisation and automation across all businesses and processes, to create value in asset lifecycle management, network optimisation and aggregation, and integrated service design for the new digital customer profile.

Innovation with start-ups, entrepreneurs and suppliers. We are pioneers in promoting innovation with start-ups, entrepreneurs and suppliers to develop new disruptive business models, fostering the exchange of knowledge and acting as a driving force among our collaborators.

Culture of innovation and talent through knowledge transfer, attracting talent and promoting entrepreneurship.

Our figures

Data from our Innovation Report 2022 and our Strategic Plan 2026

Open innovation and collaborations

At Iberdrola, we promote training and research in innovative and sustainable projects, generating an interconnected and highly valuable innovative ecosystem. To this end, we collaborate with various institutions in universalising energy services, promoting knowledge in specific areas of science, energy, information technology, and in R&D&I projects.


We promote training and research through our many international innovation centres.


Iberdrola Universities Programme (Iberdrola U), present on three continents and with 700,000 members, is committed to the transfer of knowledge, talent and social contribution.


PERSEO programme gives us access to the technologies of the future while fostering the development of a start-ups ecosystem in the electricity sector with a focus on sustainability.

Innovation management

For executing our innovative activity, the Company has an open and decentralised R&D&I management model, with the participation of technology suppliers, universities, foundations, technology centres and industrial organisations through different programmes and subjects.

  • Decentralised, because the process is carried out independently in each business unit, supported and coordinated by the Innovation Directorate.

  • Open, because we consider ourselves a technology-driven company, and as such, it is our vocation to involve the Group's technology suppliers in our innovation process.