A global commitment to investing in startups

Iberdrola - PERSEO International Startups program covers a wide range of projects, including technology investments with other financing programs aimed at suppliers or business projects with a strong social component.

 Innovation Report 2016 - 2018: Investment Portfolio [PDF]







The Aracnocoptero is a multi-rotor, vertical take-off UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) capable of transporting a wide variety of electronic measuring equipment. One of their main products is the EoI6, a collapsible helicopter designed for inspecting wind turbine blades. The use of the Aracnocoptero reduces inspection times, with minimal down-time and a big reduction in the resources and logistics needed for them.


The basque firm Atten2 focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of sensors for monitoring the condition of fluids -mainly lubricants- in industrial applications. Its products allow several lubricant parameters to be measured, including degradation in real time, which improves the operation and maintenance of electrical machinery and optimises the use of the lubricant.


This is a company constituted in partnership with the Dominguis Group that allows new technological products to be developed in the area of energy infrastructure operation and maintenance. The purpose of the company is to create synergies within the technology field for operation and maintenance in the electricity sector.


Iluméxico offers solutions for deprived communities, so they can have access to electricity using its solar energy systems.


With its headquarters in Houston, Innowatts offers software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and big data to help digitise and automate the processes of the energy sector, contributing to improving efficiency and reducing the costs of the electricity system.


This Californian company markets energy storage solutions that combine predictive analysis techniques, cloud computing and big data with batteries to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial customers facilities. Stem has secured a large number of distributed storage contracts including the 85 MW being provided for the electricity company Southern California Edison.


Its goal is to make solar power more competitive by means of improving the efficiency, durability and reduce the costs of the current solutions.


Established in San Francisco and with headquarters in Washington (USA) and Nairobi (Kenya), this company specialises in funding solar power projects in emerging markets, where over 2.2 billion people live without access to reliable energy sources.

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