Global engagement model with stakeholders

Rising to the needs and expectations of our Stakeholders

Iberdrola group has developed its own Stakeholder engagement model, which is aimed at catering to their legitimate needs and interests.

This model is inspired by widely acknowledged international standards (AA 1000 SES 2015) and sustainability indexes and is to be implemented by all Iberdrola group companies, business units and major sites using a shared digital application.

This model is based on an ongoing improvement process involving 10 phases:

Global Stakeholder engagement model
Global Stakeholder engagement model of Iberdrola group.

Global Stakeholder engagement model of Iberdrola group [PDF] External link, opens in new window.

In relation to this model, Iberdrola has implemented numerous measures in recent years to foster an internal culture built on the importance of Stakeholder engagement across the entire group.

These measures include the creation of a global working group known as the Iberdrola Stakeholders' Hub, made up of representatives of all Iberdrola Stakeholders and businesses at both the corporate and country levels. The hub holds regular meetings which sometimes include external experts on this subject.

Iberdrola is also encouraging the creation of Stakeholder panels to enable direct discussions with Stakeholders, such as the Networks business panels in the UK and the Stakeholders Panel on CSR.