Ciudad Rodrigo photovoltaic plant

We are developing a new large-capacity photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

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Iberdrola confirms the development of its photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca), which will have an installed capacity of 318 MW. With an investment of close to €200 million, the project will involver industrial suppliers in the area will create up to 800 jobs during peak periods.

Ciudad Rodrigo
Ongoing project

Ciudad Rodrigo photovoltanic plant

Location Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)
Capacidad instalada
Total installed capacity 318 MW
Investment 200 millon euros
Inicio obras
Start of construction work 2023

The Iberdrola group is spearheading large-capacity renewable project development in Castilla y León, particularly in the province of Salamanca. In addition to its project in Villarino, it is building a 318 megawatts (MW) photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo, which has already had its Environmental Impact Statement approved.

The facility in Ciudad Rodrigo entails an investment of almost 200 million euros and will consist of 826,200 solar panels installed on a 439-hectare site between Valdecarros and the Torralba mountains, just 5 kilometres from the city centre. Once up and running, the photovoltaic power plant will produce clean energy to supply 150,000 homes.

The installation of this plant will also include building infrastructure such as transformer centres, 800 V to 30,000 V elevators, an underground evacuation network, an earth network and communications. Around 800 people will be involved in this work during peak periods, many of whom will be local suppliers.

The Iberdrola group has also sponsored the solar system project "Astróbriga" in Ciudad Rodrigo, which is a three-dimensional reproduction of the solar system on a scale of 1/290,000,000. It is a tool for carrying out activities aimed at promoting the region as a tourist destination and developing educational and scientific dissemination activities in the area.

The construction will involve 250 workers and will also include local suppliers. It is expected that during the peak of construction there will be around 800 suppliers from the area involved in the construction of the plant. 

Iberdrola, world leader in renewable energies

At Iberdrola, we dare committed to renewable energy more than two decades ago as a fundamental pillar on which to build our safe, clean and competitive business model. Thanks to this vision, we are today world leaders in renewables, reaching 42,387 MW of clean energy in operation  at the end of Q1 2024.

This commitment is reflected in our Strategic Plan, in which we will allocate €15.5bn gross to renewables. More than half of this amount is focused on offshore wind in the US, UK, France and Germany; 28% on onshore wind and 18% on solar.