Designing, developing and managing a new business is about taking risks and requires a particular set of skills and attitudes. Because identifying an opportunity and assessing its viability is just the beginning.

  • When companies are seeking talent, they tend to look outside. But what if it was already there, in their own offices? Owing to a lack of mechanisms for identifying talent, a mistrust of internal structures or a reluctance to rearrange the hierarchy, many companies do not encourage their employees to develop ideas.

  • R&D

    The companies Hyperion and Sensohive were chosen as winners of the Transmission Construction Automation Startup Challenge, with which Iberdrola sought solutions to optimise the construction of electricity transport facilities, improving the efficiency and productivity of the different processes. In order to learn a little more about them, while delving deeper into their projects and finding out what their challenges and aspirations are, we spoke to the people in charge.

    David Almroth, Umar Chughtai and Sakina Turabali are an example of how to go into business sustainably and successfully. These three youngsters from Sweden, Pakistan and Sri Lanka dreamed that electrical installations could be inspected more efficiently and above all in a less harmful way to the environment. And, to do this, they founded Skyqraft, the startup that won the Startup Challenge launched by Iberdrola group, Resilience to Natural Disasters.

  • R&D

    Brazilian company Concert Technologies is the winner of the Street Lighting and Cabling Detection Startup Challenge, thanks to its Imagery platform. We launched this challenge to find solutions to improve our public lighting infrastructure in Brazil — along with our subsidiary in the country, Neoenergia. Learn a little more about the winning project.

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    Four companies were chosen to carry out their pilot projects in the Startup Challenge: Photovoltaic panel cleaning. We chatted with them to find out a little more about the projects that led them to win this challenge, which was looking for waterless, sustainable and low-cost solutions to improve the cleaning process for solar panels in large-scale photovoltaic projects.