Iberdrola launches 2024 Shareholder Month

  • The company makes available a virtual space with four thematic rooms: Environment, Social, Governance and Finance.
  • Investors have access to all the information on the General Shareholders' Meeting to be held on 17 May.

Iberdrola has investors at the centre of its strategy, and today it takes a further step in this direction inagurating the Shareholder Month (, an event that includes the 2024 General Shareholders' Meeting, to be held in Bilbao on 17 May. 

The leading European electricity company in terms of stock market value and one of the two largest in the world is today launching its virtual space, including thematic rooms. The mission is to ensure that shareholders are fully informed and participate in the General Meeting. 

The virtual rooms created for Shareholders Month will discuss topics relating to the environment, the social side of Iberdrola, its governance and financial matters. The content will be made available through interviews with executives and reports. 

Through this space, sharholders will have access to all documentation and will be able to participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting, which will have a hybrid format to attend - in person or remotely.

Iberdrola offers a wide range of services to facilitate the participation of any investor, such as the Participation Portal (, telephone +34 900 100 019, e-mail (, WhatsApp ( +34 639 000 639), Telegram (, post office (P.O. Box 1.113, 48080 Bilbao) and the central securities depositories.

Furthermore, as it does every year, Iberdrola will set up shareholder information desks in different cities where, between 8 and 16 May, shareholders can grant their proxy or vcast an absentee vote with their ID card, without having to carry their proxy and absentee voting card. Shareholders choosing these options to participate will receive a commemorative gift. In this line of participation incentive, shareholders who grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote (via our online and telephone channels) will also be able to enter a draw for 30 electric bicycles.

A share with a higher dividend

In addition, the company has proposed for the third consecutive year an engagement dividend of €0.005 per share (one euro gross for every 200 shares). If a quorum of at least 70% of the share capital is reached and the General Meeting approves this incentive, Iberdrola will pay this amount to all its shareholders entitled to participate. Iberdrola is the only Ibex 35 company that rewards its shareholders in this way.

The involvement dividend is part of a concept of a more participatory, sustainable and unrestricted General Meeting. All shareholders can participate: they only need to have at least one share registered in their name on 10 May.

All of these initiatives are part of a long history of innovation and shareholder involvement. Since 2012, Iberdrola has kept open the interactive channel OLA - On Line Shareholders, which functions as a "permanent meeting" where shareholders' questions are answered 365 days a year.

In 2015, Iberdrola was a pioneer in holding a Shareholder Day, the purpose of which was to frame the General Shareholders' Meeting and other activities whereby shareholders could learn first-hand about Iberdrola Group's projects in a two-way and direct dialogue with its officers. 

Along the same lines, Iberdrola evolved the traditional Shareholder Day into Shareholder Week, which was introduced in 2022 in a virtual format. Since that year, the duration and contents of this virtual experience have been extended through Shareholder Month.