corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the active, voluntary contribution made by companies to bring about improvements to the society, economy and environment that will have an effect on the common good. Find out more about this strategic pillar.

  • In view of the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous voices are emerging from all areas of society suggesting the use this moment of recovery as an opportunity to drive the transition to a new socio-economic model that is climate-neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive. This is what is known as the Green Recovery, a vision to which Iberdrola group is fully committed and the horizon towards which it has been working for more than two decades.

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    Iberdrola group has recently reworded its Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Policy in the belief that this is a key element in its responsible and sustainable business model and that in today's complex and uncertain scenario fostering greater stakeholder engagement rises as a key priority.

    Iberdrola group has launched a global action plan against coronavirus (COVID-19) to guarantee the business continuity and quality of supply for the duration of the crisis, while protecting people's health and safety. This will allow the company, which provides an essential service to the public, to ensure compliance with its commitments to its Stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers and society in general — in the countries in which it operates.

  • 25% of the people in Europe and in the United States collaborate as volunteers. In Spain, 260,000 people participate in international projects.

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