climate change

Climate change is one of the most important challenges that humanity is facing in the 21st century. The electricity sector plays a key role in achieving the purpose set by the Paris agreement to limit the rise in the planet's temperature and the greenhouse effects.

  • Our company has been recognised for its work in the fight against climate change in the Climate Reality Awards 2018, the first edition of these awards in Spain. These awards are intended to put the fight against climate change on the front page of the social and political agenda.

  • Iberdrola has positioned itself as the leading utility company at both the national and global level, thanks to the detail and transparency shown in the preparation and publication of its 2017 Sustainability Report and on the company website. This has been recognised by the report Sustainability Reporting Performance of the IBEX 35, prepared by the consultancy firm EcoAct España (September 2018).

    'El País' has published on 19 January 2018, an opinion piece by Ignacio Galán, Iberdrola's Chairman, in which he stands up for the need to progress towards a sustainable, safe and competitive model that replaces polluting energies used in production processes by clean energies and intensifies the electrification of the global economy, because "this is the only solution that can achieve the balance between meeting the strong demand for energy with meeting the global climate objectives."

  • The historic Paris Agreement, adopted by 195 nations during COP21 (2015), included the goal of strengthening the world's response to the threat of climate change and, in order to do so, to keep the increase in the average temperature worldwide well below 2º C above pre-industrial levels and to continue efforts to limit this temperature increase to 1.5º C.

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    As part of the Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities conference, Iberdrola is presenting Guardians of the Planet, a documentary made with the expert advice of a company that is a global leader in the fight against climate change.